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Monday, March 18, 2013

Improve Your Running

Happy Monday!!

I kicked off the morning coaching and doing this KB workout at GPP.


I’m still not running and rowed instead… Let me tell you, that was a lot of rowing!

Post workout: I had some oatmeal out of a fancy tupperware and called it good.

After the workout I headed to another gym and taught a killer Bootcamp class. All together they killed 210 burpees… lucky them.Winking smile

Then it was finally time to head home for lunch!


Lunch was quick today, nothing fancy just sweet potato, green beans and grilled chicken!


Now, lets get to the good stuff! I find that not being able to run, I can’t stop talking about it! I love running, and I miss it terribly when I can’t.

So here are some tips I came up with today to help you improve YOUR running!

Improve your Running!


1. Switch up your Route!

Taking the same route everyday can get boring! Even a quick 10 minute drive somewhere will add a little variety! You can also add length, increase your speed by adding fartleks and challenging yourself to beat your time from the last time you ran!

2. Try trail running!


Get off the pavement and head to the hills! For me trail running is more of a release because it gets me out of the busy city and there is something about just being in nature that makes you feel at peace with yourself.

3. Take off the pressure


Not every run has to be about how fast you can go or how far. Negative thoughts on yourself about running isn’t going to make you a better runner or make you love running more. You have to realize not all runs aren’t going to be as good as others. Compliment yourself! EVERY RUN is a accomplishment!

5. Take time to love it.


Running is hard! I get that. I understand when someone says I HATE running. I used to be that person. When I was on drill team in HS, my friend and I would literally HIDE to get out of laps when our coach made us run. It takes time to love running and once you do, you will never look back! It has become my outlet and makes me a better mom, wife and trainer. Get outside, make a killer playlist and just run!

6. Run with friends!


Running with friends makes every mile tick by faster. I love running with friends, it usually turns into a free therapy session sometimes, and to be honest some of my running friends are my BEST friends!

7. Learn about it!

Read about it, talk to others, or watch youtube videos. There are so many books, magazines and video clips about running and the more you research about it the more you grow and learn. I love to talk to different people and hear their thoughts on running. From their favorite shoe to how they train for marathons.

What do you love in a BOOTCAMP class?

Any running tips to add?