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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Time to Catch-up


Hey gals and gents.

I took a few days off the blog.

To catch up on house schtuff

And eat balls.

I used the coconut PB to make these and they were heaven!!


Brent came and did a WOD with me at GPP. I love having him there with me! Kind of pull him into my realm for a little bit. Winking smile


I got my hair cut and colored! Boy, did I need that cut! (I can’t even remember my last trim..) Feels good to all fresh and dark!

This is the workout we did! At GPP we focus on ABs one day out of the week and has proven to make all aspects of our fitness stronger- in our lifts, running, endurance and even our flexibility!


That "surprise movement” paired with V-ups are kiiiiiiillllller!!


My friend found this awesome ecard—I totally laughed, because life as a mom is SO different then the single life. Still rewarding in every way, but it’s a full time job for sure!



I woke up early and headed to coach my early birds at GPP. The workout was Step-downs:

This workout is rough! The step downs combined with a movement plays with your nervous system a bit and makes you work a little harder. stepdowns


I did two rounds of the workout: 

1. I have been having a “shinny” pain in my right shin this week, and the step downs really were buggin it, so I laid off the step downs in the middle of that second round.

2. I had a Body Pump class to teach later and I knew I’d give my bi’s, tri’s and shoulders a beating in that one.

***Check out all the Demos of the movements HERE.

Afterwards, I headed to my other gym to teach Body Pump! HOLY smokes, the room was packed!! I wouldn’t of had it any other way though! I love my Saturday class! They are always loud and fun and they even take every joke like I am actually a funny person. HA! I taught by my lonesome today and it seemed to FLY by. Got to love that!

After class, I really wanted to run. I would of gone outside, because it was actually a beautiful day for a run, but I was nervous about my shin bugging and didn’t want to get stuck to far from home, so I jumped on the TM and started off slow and easy. The trainer in me told me to STOP because I could feel it, but my heart said run.

I made it 4 before I finally called it, and decided the pain was getting worse as I went.. Sad smile




Yea, in my brain… freak. I’m the worst at slowing down when I’m injured.. you think I would learn…

I know, I know…

Now, I’m going to take a few days off running and see how it feels! It better heal pronto.

What does an injured runner do?

Enjoy a post recovery shake and some shopping of course!


I browsed the internet for awhile in search of some new kicks and decided

I want both…

Someone inform my husband that St. Patricks day requires gifts, right?? I’m sure they come in green too!



Inov for cross training and mizunos for running.. Done and Done!!


Anybody have shin pain and know how to magically treat it with something other then time?

What is your favorite shoe?