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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

OH Shin. & Big Run announcement.

Hey y’all!

The sun is out and it was time to swing!


Is it sad that 50 degrees is total park weather here?


They loved it! I’m sure I pushed them on these swings and sang 50 songs in that hour.



Why yes, my son is still in his pajamas, he is a cars fanatic..(note: the two Lightning Mcqueens in his hand.) and really thought his pajamas would be a good look for the rest of the day. Winking smile

I did the GPP workout today before heading to the park and had some fun trying to balance on some balls. That was fun!!

When I woke up this morning and was just walking around my house I could tell I was in a “Shin” load of trouble…

They are worse today… I can feel it in both legs now and on both sides of my shins on my right leg.

No running for me…


I iced several times today and searched my house for my compression sleeves in which have completely disappeared…*sigh*

I whipped up a shake before heading to the park to let the kids play.



Lunch came quick, I whipped up some ground turkey in a skillet with some peppers and onions and added some steamed broccoli


Forgot my avocado.. Dang it. So I ate it after I finished.

I blame the fact that I was trying to hurry and get back to finish “The Bachelor.” I missed it last night and couldn’t wait to get all caught up in that drama during the twins nap time!

Can we chat about it for a minute?

TWO things:

1. Yay! For Catherine!! She is who I guessed to win, but my heart broke for Lindsey for 2.2.

2. Des, is the new Bachelorette? Not sure how I feel about that one…

Okay, one more:

Bonus thought: Catherines and Lindsays dresses?? Gold and Silver?? Really? Did. not. love.



Tonight I tried a Les Mills CXworks class that my friend has been trying me to come take for awhile now and since I didn’t have to teach pump I could make it to her class.

CX is a 30 minute class with an abdominal/glute focus

I went into it expecting a lot of crutches and sit ups but there wasn’t many crutches besides the warm up and zero sit ups. There was some band work standing that even got the shoulders burning a little and quite a bit of plank work.

It was a fun class, the instructor was fabulous and right on cue. Honestly, I am use to high energy, heart pumpin’ workouts and this was pretty slow and controlled. Almost felt like a Pilates class… almost. Not sure if I loved it, it was fun and new but not quite my cup of tea. Ill have to go again sometime soon to test it out again.

SOOOOO. My big run coming up is…


We will start at the South end of the Grand Canyon and Run to the North!

Ill do a blog post with all the details later!!

But I can’t wait! I mean really?!! It is beautiful!

rim to rim run


Red Rock, Twenty Girls, Running. I CAN”T wait!

Now, lets start thinking up magic spells to cure my shins…