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Sunday, March 24, 2013

This one time we pet skunks

Happy Sunday!

Hope you guys are having a killer weekend!

Yesterday, I skipped out on the GPP workout and chose to sleep in. I came down with a dumb cold and my nose is running faster then I can, so I figured it would be better to get a little shut eye!

I got up around 8 and got ready and headed to teach Body Pump! I taught one of my favorite “oldie” tracks! Welcome to Africa! ---->Its from BP 60! We are now on 85… The song has been stuck in my head ever since! (I can’t even find a link to the song..) Anyway, class was awesome, even if they had to hear me sniff every 30 seconds. Deadlifts+runny noses do not go well together..

After pump I spent little time on the stair case to nowhere…I tweaked my ankle the other day in a sprint-head phone- dive to save the iphone reaction on the treadmill… it’s a little tender so I took running off. 


I climbed 63 flights of stairs in 20 minutes. I love the stair mill when I am craving a nice and easy sweat session. The stair mill is low impact and can magically make your drip in 10 minutes. Boring as crap, unless you get to watch a fun show, read a magazine or add in some fun intervals. Winking smile

Adventure Time:

Last night we headed to Scheels! We have been there one time before and had fun taking the kids around taking photos. They have a bunch of fun photo ops around the whole store!

You can drive around in a jeep.


Pet the skunks!


And say hi to the grizzly bear!


After some fun, we decided to check out some new bikes.


I guess we are ALL in the market. Smile

I sold my road bike a few months ago and now on the search for a new one. To bad my allowance isn’t enough for this gem.


Bikes are expensive…. I guess I can dream right?

Now, shoes… those I can beg just enough to bring them home.


I have been lusting after the new Mizuno Waverider 16 ever since they came out. I used to run in Mizunos and loved it then got caught up in the Brooks craze. I have been running in Brooks this last year, and I have to admit that I am a fan of Brooks, but you get past a certain mileage with them and they get a little uncomfortable. I’ll wear them for short distances but for long I need a little more support and nothing beats the wave plate in the Mizunos!

It was love at first step. I even got to do some running around the store after two little speedsters.



I love cottton candy…AND running so these are perfect.Winking smile

I can’t wait  to run in them OUTSIDE! The weather here took a nose dive straight back to winter the past two days… Hopefully it warms up this week!

Either way, new shoes are motivation to hit the pavement!

What is your favorite running shoe?

Would you pet a skunk?

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