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Friday, March 1, 2013

Step it Up.

Guess what I did tonight?


More on that later.

This morning I grabbed a banana with some PB (Happy National PB day!) and headed out for some stew.

Cardio Stew!



This workout was awesome and those plate cleans were ROUGH!

I have had this lunch 4 days in a row… Creature of habit I suppose.


I had a quick afternoon pick me up.


Two slices of “paleo bread” (its not my fav…) one with a egg and the other with avocado and tuna… I couldn’t decide which one I wanted more, so I just had both before heading to the gym for a training run.

When I got to the gym I noticed one of my fellow instructors was filming her BODY STEP Video (When you certify to be an instructor for Les Mills you have to submit a video). I popped in for half the class and wrapped up with a 3 mile run.


I’m SOOOOO not a stepper… haha! I sort of fear the bench.. like I’m going to fall off, trip, or something of that nature.. Its quite humorous when she throws in some “cha-cha” and pivot turns. I think I just figure I’d stick with a “basic step” so I don’t flail my arms and look cray…

Now, its time to relax for the night!

Pump and a run is on the schedule for tomorrow AND a WEDDING!

Question of the day:

Are you a Stepper? I know THIS girl is pro!!


  1. No...definitely not. Tried it a few times, but basically felt like there wasn't much cardio "bang for the buck" (although that may have just been the classes I attended). As a runner first and foremost, I got a little sweaty, but personally didn't find considerable cardio or strength training potential (ducks).

    And I got aggravated when the moves changed. Workouts are supposed to be stress relief, so I quickly retreated back to my BodyPump class!

    But hey - I know that different things work for different people - so Steppers, be my guest! :)

  2. Hehe- thanks for the shout out! I'm actually on my way out the door to teach Body Step right now! Its always good to mix up your fitness and do something out of the ordinary- right? I went to spin last week. I don't consider myself a spinner, but every great once in a while I like to check it out.

    Hope yall have fun at the wedding

  3. Just found your blog, loving it already! Have a great weekend ;)