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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Simple Sunday


This morning we slept in until about 8 am. Which is pretty rare around here. We were glad for the extra Z’s because we stayed up late watching Couple Retreat. It was my first time seeing it and I thought it was pretty good. I didn’t even fall asleep! (I am famous for falling asleep every time we start a movie late.) Vince Vaughn cracks me up. Brent and I were laughing so hard, at some points.. Kids really do change things, if you know what I mean.


Our church service starts at 9 so we made a quick breakfast for the twins. They love pancakes but because we didn’t have much time, I pulled out a normal pancake mix, added some oats for some staying power and they gobbled them up fast.




Clean up, wipe face, change diapers, put on church clothes, brush, style and do hair, shoes and go! We were only a half-hour late.

Later,  we decided to go for a jeep ride! There are several canyons and trails close to our house that we need to take advantage of, before it catches on fire too. (There are several fires in Utah right now…)

I love this canyon and love the fact it is 10 minutes away from my home and the view overlooks my hometown.


It was beautiful! The view was amazing when we hit the peak. I love the mountains! Just looking up and seeing nothing but pine trees makes me happy.


So does this guy!

The twins LOVE going for a ride in the “beep”!


Tanner has nailed cheese, but Bee thinks I will give her a cracker… and cheese..


The trail we took today was up at the “B” in Bountiful, I occasionally do a little fun run up to this point, it’s a great hill training run!

We wrapped up the night with a simple dinner and a walk around the neighborhood.


I’m loving our warm summer nights! I crave everything that comes along with them like food fresh off the grill and simply just chilling with my little family on the grass.

Welcome JULY!!

I can’t believe its already July! Summer is flying by! My favorite holiday is this week, we have some fun activities planned, car show, pool party and of course fireworks!!

Question of the day:

What is your favorite summer meal?

Do you have a family 4th tradition?


  1. Love the views from the "B"! So pretty!

    My favorite summer meal involves anything off the grill and I love watermelon!

    We always head up to Eaglewood on the 3rd for fireworks, but what we do on the actual 4th usually varies!

    Have a great holiday Candice!

  2. Such a fabulous day!It is just gorgeous where you live!! YES- grilled meats and veggies on top of a cold salad=favorite meal!

  3. GREAT blog!! I really love it :) Cute, cute kiddos, Candice :)

  4. My favorite summer meal is some steak and a burger right off the grill. Maybe some homemade potato salad too. The mountains above davis county (and all of Utah) are just awesome.