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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Good Run!

I started my day off at GPP with Bi’s, Tri’s and Abs. My wrist was bugging me a little bit, and my traps are sore from overhead presses yesterday. Guess I deserved that. I also didn’t’ think I had the strength to use #65 for skull crushers. Good thing I had crazy friends that pushed me to prove myself wrong.
I had a quick protein shake post workout, and for breakfast I made some eggs with veggies.
Lunch came quick, after coaching the GPP kids class and a grocery run.
I chomped on a apple on the way home from the grocery store and tossed some chicken and veggies on a plate and heated it up for a quick meal once I walked through the door.

I headed out for a run tonight, GOOD NEWS! My quad didn’t hurt! It was the same 5 miles I did two weeks ago. It is a hilly run, and this was the first time in the past month that I really pushed myself for speed and it didn’t bother my quad! A little extra ice, rolling and rest seems to have done the trick!
Side note: I LOVE my Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes! That is no secret.
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Here AND Here
I love this run, and this view is why.
When I got home form the run, I made eggs for dinner. A little lazy I know, but I wanted some protein quick and didn’t feel like whipping up a big dinner. Per usual summer night.
Question of the Day:
Where is your favorite place to run and why?


  1. Gorg! Glad you're not having any pain! My favorite place to run..probably over the big bridge into Charleston

    1. Love running over bridges!! AMAZING!

  2. Pumped for you that you are getting better. Very glad to hear.

    1. I was semi shocked.. I kind of went into the run planning on stopping and walking back to my car.. Never had to! I saw your wifey driving by while I was running!