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Saturday, July 28, 2012

I’m Cheap

Yesterday, after I signed off I headed out to lunch for one of my best friends baby shower! Luann worked with me in the dental office for several years and we became great friends. She is working on getting into dental school and moved to Connecticut last year but came to visit for the week. Her SIL put this little “dental office friend” shower together for her. We met at Brio in Murray at the Mall and had a good time catching up with all the girls.
I’m kind of cheap when I eat out and Brios salads were at least $14! No, thanks. So I opted for the simple side salad and added grilled chicken for a reasonable $9. The chicken was grilled perfectly and the feta cheese was perfect. Brios Balsamic dressing was light and tangy. I just wanted to drink it.

Before our meals arrived we devoured the bread basket! The crispy flatbread was my favorite, it had flax seeds on top and were baked to perfection.
For dessert, Luann’s SIL brought each of us a cupcake, I’m not exactly sure where she found these delectable little pieces of heaven but they were so good, we all had different flavors and shared so we could sample each flavor. I picked out Cookies and cream. But my favorite was the red velvet.

Lindsey, Britney, momma, Luann, Michelle, LuAnn's mom.
For dinner we made a quick tilapia with some steamed green beans on the side.
Dinner was quickly followed by a little dessert.
Orange leaf for dinner!! At least I piled a little nutrition in my dish! Kiwi, raspberry, peaches and crushed almonds. On top of orange fro-yo.
It was delicious!
I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my wallet so we took it to go and headed to the park to get some of twins energy out before bed. 
These two cannot get enough of parks, they run all over, climbing, sliding and swinging!
We played until the sun went down!
Definitely a good day!
This morning I headed to the gym for Body Pump and completed this quick cardio mash at Gold's.
Source---> Via
I was able to do all 500 rope jumps unbroken!! Phew! My calves were on fiiiiiiiiiiiiire! A new PR!
I came home and whipped out some scrambled eggs packed with veggies and topped with organic ketchup.

Yellow pepper, mushrooms, broccoli slaw and purple onion with 3 eggs.
Throwing veggies in my eggs is an easy way for me to make sure to get my veggies in for the day!
After breakfast I headed to Ross to find some shoes for the twins because their feet just had a growth spurt. After finding a pair for each of them I decided to take a look for me and look what I found!!
Nike Frees!! I was eyeing these at the Nordstrom Sale (the hot punch color is obsessive). Ross had them for $32!! Even if they are white and will be dirty the minute I put them on, I couldn’t pass up the price!! A good deal is a good deal!
Pretty sure this post proves I am a cheap shopper..and I’m not ashamed. Cheap salad, free fro-yo and scored discount shoes. I love finding a good deal!
Question of the day:
What is the best deal you have come across lately?
Do you have secret to get your servings of veggies in?


  1. $14 for a salad? Robbery! I love how you put together a cheaper meal!! I like the shoes too. I just got a couple dresses for more than 50% off at Ann Taylor loft- love!

    1. I know right?! I love Ann Taylor! Their dresses are always flattering!

  2. The cupcake looks like it might be from the sweet tooth fairy. I think the closest one to bountiful is either Layton or I know there is one by Salt Lake Running Co. on Foothill. They have gluten free cupcakes too. You'll have to check it out. But I agree the cookies and cream is the best!

  3. She did say they were gluten free so I wonder if that is where she found them? all the flavors were pretty good.