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Friday, July 20, 2012

Ski resorts and parades.

Last night, I headed up to a popular Ski Resort in Utah, Snowbird. My MIL planned a girls night for all my sister in-laws. We had so much fun, we stayed up WAY to late and slept in a little late to. It was heavenly.
Maybe I should go back to brunette to fit in a little better?
Check out this view! This was right from our hotel room. It was pretty amazing.
Utah mountains are addicting. I love mountains that are covered with never ending pine trees, the smell, the terrain. It’s a beautiful thing really.
After we all woke up and got going, we headed out to breakfast. As we were walking down the trail to the restaurant we saw a cow moose and her calf!
The calf is behind momma, can you see it? Here is another pic of him.
We made sure to keep our distance, but it was pretty cool to see them so close. I am used to seeing deer all the time at home, but it is rare to see a moose walking around. I was pretty excited and so was everyone else!
We went to “the forklift” for breakfast. ---> Pretty good name for a restaurant, I must say. Yes?
I got an garden omelet with hash browns and fruit. It was pretty decent, not amazing but good. Our waitress was super friendly and kept my water glass full so she was top notch in my book.
It was so great to spend some time with these ladies! We do get together often but we are usually busy chasing kids around we never really get to chat and just have fun. It was refreshing to be able to laugh, and act like a kid again for a night.
We headed back down the canyon after breakfast around 11am.
It was a quick getaway but just long enough to re-charge.
I did squeeze in a workout at GPP and then it was home to pack, clean and get the kiddos ready for the parade! We are leaving for the ranch again tomorrow so when I got home I made a quick shake then actually ended up taking a nap while the babies were napping. Oops.I was still tired from the night before, But it was completely worth it! We had a great time!
The twins and I woke up with just enough time to make it to the parade. The Handcart day parade in bountiful is a family tradition for both of us and I LOVE going to it. It is pretty much a Utah thing though. This year, the parade was PACKED. Every year the parade has a them and this year it was “They did not doubt.” There was 2,000 of Helaman’s  stripling warriors marching in the parade this year, which was pretty amazing to see. The best part is my brothers, cousins and uncle were in it. So it was fun to see them be part of something so big.
They all held sticks and hit them on the pavement in unison. Kind of cool, in the “I got chills” kind of way. It was such a neat representation. Here is a video someone put on youtube.

The babies got spoiled with candy and balls, they loved the parade this year, I can’t blame them, there was some pretty amazing floats.
My BIL was in the Tongan band!
He is the one in the white pants and blue shirt. ---> I kid. He has sunglasses on.
Old stomping/cheering grounds. I am a proud wildcat and bruin. Say what? And is just me or do high school kids now seem like babies? They all look so young!
It was a good day in my book.
Now, I still have to clean and pack. Oh, shucks.
Question of the day:
Do you like parades? Or have you ever been in one?


  1. What a good time with the SILs!!! Fabulous getaway. I always enjoy brunch out (even if its not spectacular). You look so cute with your hair up. I haven't been to a parade in ages..but I have a feeling that will be a changing

  2. Looks like you had a great time at Snowbird! What a fun night with the girls!

    I love parades! We didn't make it to the parade this year :( The only time we could make it to GPP on Friday night was 5:45, and we were exhausted after!

    Years ago, I was in the primary childrens parade. Do they still have that? I was dressed as a pioneer and I was soo hot and sweaty and miserable! :)

  3. Hate, hate hate parades. I don't get them. Maybe they were entertaining back in feudal times when the only form of entertainment was to get dressed up and go walk in front of each other...

    Plus, people are cranky at parades. The last one I went to, a lady in her late 60s pushed a 4 year old kid out of the way of her "view." After all, she had been waiting in that spot for 12 hours. Weird.

    Hate them. Don't get them. People suck. Not sure what is to like.