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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shrimp and Sprouts.

Hey guys! Hope you had a great day! Mine was spent trying to coax Bee into something other then her swimsuit. I ended up giving up by lunch time and just making myself a plate of a simple shrimp salad. The highlight of this salad wasn’t the shrimp, it was the sprouts!! I haven’t bought sprouts forever! They were on sale at the grocery store and as an impulse I just grabbed them.


I’m glad I bought them because I LOVE the flavor they added to the salad! The salad was put together quickly with spinach, avocado, sprouts and spinach with asparagus on the side.

I squeezed half a lemon over the salad and the asparagus as a dressing.


Then after one bite decided I needed a little more flavor and whipped out some Walden Farms dressing, Sesame Ginger. I am really LOVING these dressings. They contain simple ingredients without all the added fat and calories.


I think this flavor would also be great in a stir-fry! Oh, the possibilities!

I taught a Body Pump class tonight at the same time dinner was, so thank goodness for the crock-pot. My fam was able to have a hot meal for dinner!

After lunch today I tossed a venison roast in the crock pot with a small bag of carrots, half of a yellow onion, with one cup of water.


I put it on low for 6 hours.


And dinner was served!!


Tonight, I was able to coax a few of my body pumpers to come on a run with me on my favorite trail run! My phone died so I didn’t get any pics. boo. It felt great to run the trail again. Last time I ran this trail I hurt my quad… redemption was met.

Tomorrow night we are celebrating the babies 2nd Birthday! Their actual birthday is on Saturday! I can’t believe they are turning two.. Time really does go by fast. These two keep me on my toes every day. Through all the tantrums and messes comes their hugs and kisses and unconditional love. These two are my world. My family is my everything!



  1. I've wanted to try body pump for two years! None of the gyms near me ever offer it though :( I am thinking about getting the DVDs but that isn't really the same as going to a class - glad you had fun on your trail run!

  2. Hey Candice! Thanks again for inviting and letting me tag along on the trail run. I'll be back there again for sure - such a beautiful area!
    If you're not set on doing the Star Valley Half on Saturday, you'll be interested in entering the latest free race entry giveaway on Utah Running Guide! I just friended you on FB - you'll find it easy off my page. And I'll leave the link here, hoping it won't spam me....