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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Running with a Stroller

Hey guys! Hope you had a great day!

The good news?

Today, we finally got a little rain! We were in desperate need of a little moisture around here to help with the wildfires taking over our state. I love summer rain!


The bad news?

Brent washed/completely detailed my car yesterday…

Isn’t that how it always works? I swear every time I give my car a bath it rains the very next day!

After the rain settled down I decided to go for a little run with Tanner and Baylee.

Running with a stroller is tough. Running with a stroller and kids is even tougher.. but if you run with just a stroller and no kids, your probably a weirdo. If you don’t have kids or never will, but maybe you have a fat dog that can’t run and may require a stroller for a run. Either way, you could probably relate to this post. 

Here are my tips for making it through your run with a stroller and things to look for when you are looking to purchase a running stroller, so you can have great running experience and your kids enjoy the ride.


#1 Find a running stroller that fits you.


You want the stroller handles to hit right above your belly button. It’s a common mistake to get a stroller that is to low and you end up hunched over. Keeping a  good posture is important while running and if you find that your upper back is a little sore from a stroller run, you may need to find another stroller that fits your height.

#2 Find a stroller that has a wheel that has a lock.


I believe most running strollers come with a locked wheel, but I love that my stroller has a little flip switch that can unlock it for easy maneuver/swivel when going on a walk or locked for running. If you are running with a stroller it is best to have the wheel locked or it will bounce as you run.

#3 Bring snacks/toys


When I go for long runs (remember to kids, 3 miles is long.) I make sure to bring a few snacks and maybe a small toy or two just incase they get a little fidgety. Annie's bunnies, make for great running fuel too. Winking smile

#5 Hold the outside of the stroller and lean into it.

I find if I keep my hands out wide on the handle and lean in I can keep a comfortable pace without changing my stride to much. Running with a stroller can make you run differently, I tend to run more up then across when I push the stroller (if that makes sense?) if I don’t think about leaning into it.

#6 Dress your kids appropriately.


Depending on the weather, make sure they are comfortable. Gloves, Hat, Shorts, Sunscreen, whatever  the conditions are make sure you don’t forget to prepare for the elements. My stroller has shades that help with sun, or rain and they are adjustable to the point the shade can go in front of them or over their head. My kiddos will not keep sunglasses on so this comes in handy on those summer runs.

#7 Blast off!

Playing blast off with the kids is one of their favorite games to play. If they start to get a little fussy, I start to count down- 3,2.1 Blast Off! Then push the stroller ahead of me a little bit and sprint to it. I enjoy it, because I get to move my arms and run without holding on to the bus for 2.2.

#8 Run on even ground.

Sometimes your run will take you to uneven sidewalks (like my neighborhood) and your babe/s will be bouncing all over the place. When this happens I take it to the street. I feel as if my stroller is the size of a smart car and is completely street legal. Okay, not really.. but I would rather run on the street then deal with uneven sidewalks any day.

#9 Get a five point harness


Baby B, Flashback.. 1 year!

I think strollers with five point harnesses are just safer, especially when running. You know just incase you have to come to an emergency stop to avoid running right over somebody’s dog while sprinting in the middle of blast off. (See point #7)

#10 Relax and take your I pod

Lets face it, running with kids hardly actually gives me that “runners high.” Some runs they do great and some runs are stop and go. Moms that run with strollers tend to carry a little extra stress. (Moms stressed? Never.)  Relax your shoulders and get them out of your ears. If my kids become restless and are just done being in the stroller, because I probably ran out of snacks… or accidently may of used them for “fuel”.  I just plug in my headphones, turn up the tunes and enjoy the run back home.


There are plenty of great running strollers out there, make sure you try them out before you purchase them. They don’t have to be fancy schmancy with speakers, pockets, cup holders or mini fridges.


Be comfortable, and have fun. My kids get all excited like a dog when ever I say the words “You want to go for a run.” That is what is important to me, they are learning that fitness can be fun, exploring new trails, feeling the wind through their hair… and oh ya, they get a snack bucket and don’t even have to wear shoes.

photo 3 (2)(These were the days..)

This is the good life.

Question of the day:

Any other tips out there for stroller runners?


  1. I loveeeeeeeeeee running with my stroller. Kay loves it too. She usually looks around for the first half of the run and then passes out. My stroller has the ipod speakers and that rocks- so both Kay and I can rock out

  2. Good to know for when I have kiddos. Totally getting a running stroller. Great post!! :)

  3. I don't think I will ever need these tips ;)