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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Healthy Food Staples

Hey guys! Hope your week has been great! I woke up pretty sore this morning from yesterdays workout. I’m pretty sure it was a combination of doing this workout 2X and teaching + sprints. Jumping lunge switches are beastly to the booty.
Having sore glutes made today’s workout pretty rough to get through. The lunges in this workout were pretty ugly. I do like this circuit workout because there are several different exercises to fly through which made it go by quickly.
Pre-workout I whipped up some waffles for some energy.
I love these waffles!! They come together with little prep and an easy clean up, unless this happens…
Why is cleaning the waffle iron the hardest thing in the world to do?
I ate TWO waffles covered in bananas and doused with maple syrup.
Lunch came quick today, I am headed out tonight on a quick girls trip then its back to the ranch to finish off a porch that was started.. (cabin living requires a little upkeep every now and then.)
Anyway… I had some salmon in my fridge that I meant to have last night for dinner but ended up passing on it because it wasn’t fully defrosted so I was able to bake it today for my lunch!
Recipe coming atcha’ soon!
My Healthy Eating Staples
It is easy to eat healthy at home when you are prepared to eat healthy at home. When I go grocery shopping. I pick up the same things week after week.
These are the Healthy Staples in my home, having these staples at home mean I can always whip up an easy breakfast/lunch/dinner.
Chicken- I buy my chicken from Costco, I’m okay not buying organic chicken. The Kirkland frozen chicken breast in a bag is just fine by me. I often buy in bulk and cook (grill) it in bulk so I always have chicken as an easy go-to protein to throw on a plate and heat up with some veggies.
Tilapia- I also buy the frozen filets in the bag from Costco. I switch it up between tilapia, mahi or shrimp.
Eggs- I get eggs from my sisters chickens and I buy them at Costco at well!
Green Beans/Broccoli- Big frozen bags from Costco. The bags last forever and are quick and easy to steam and eat.
Spinach- I use spinach everyday in my shakes, its the easiest way to get additional greens in my day.
Nut Butters- I love the ground Almond butter from our local grocery store and Brent loves chunky PB so we stock up on both.
Almond Milk- I like to buy the silk unsweetened almond milk. It doesn’t contain carrageen in it like others do.
Protein Powder- I recently started using plant fusion and Brent still used dymatize We stick with chocolate.
Oatmeal- I buy Old-fashioned Gluten Free Oats and use them for breakfast, baking and even make a flour out of it for future recipes.
Walden farm Dressing- I love these dressings! They are made with natural ingredients and taste great. I use them for salads and marinades. My favorite is the Honey Mustard.
Coconut Oil- I use it instead of butter, for steaming veggies, There are several health benefits in Coconut oil, it is one of my favorite healthy fats.
Fresh fruit- Grapefruit, Apples and Bananas are what I pick up almost every grocery trip.
Frozen fruit- I buy most my berries frozen because they go bad faster then I can eat them in my fridge (besides raspberries..) I love just being able to throw them in shakes.
Sweet potatoes- I bake them, cut them into fries, make waffles, or shred them into a salad. Big staple in my home.
Mrs. Dash Seasonings- I use these seasonings everyday for every meal. They add a ton of flavor and spice to my meals. There are several different kinds of seasonings, all of them go great on eggs, chicken, fish, and veggies.
Most of these items last longer then a week for us. Knowing your staples make grocery shopping and your meals a breeze!
Question of the Day:
What are your Healthy Food Staples in your home?


  1. Hey Candice! Have fun on your quick girls trip!

    Where do you get your ground nut butter from locally? I've bought some at TJ's (in Cali) and Whole Foods in SLC. I'm just not sure which brands to buy here in Bountiful at our local big box stores. Help?

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Great list!! I have been contemplating a Costco membership and after seeing all that you get, I may go ahead and do it!!