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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spooky Sprints


Just so you guys know, the snow melted {Phew!} and it was actually semi warm today!


Aren’t you glad I mentioned that on the blog instead of FB? Did you ever notice that during a certain time of year, your timeline is filled with weather stats…?

Thursday, we scored some tickets to the Jazz game! We took the twins and had a great time cheering, dancing and the best part? They WON!!


I love Basketball! Weird, I know- A food person obsessed with such a sport, but I assure you its completely normal.

With the cold weather lately, I have been running inside on the treadmill.

Thursday and Today, my sprints looked like this!



After a quick 2 minute walking warm-up, you turn up the speed and get to work! You end up covering almost 3 miles total.


Today, I ran a quick mile afterward to make it an even 4


My legs were pretty tired after THIS ski workout yesterday, so the sprints helped break that up a little bit.

After teaching pump this morning, I went straight up to eat my post-workout meal!


Chicken, sweet potato, strawberries and spinach! –This week with THF we switched up my diet a bit, Ill re-cap it next week with the details. Lets just say, I don’t have any post workout protein smoothie.. {Weird}.To me, anyway. I have had a recovery smoothie post workout for years!

We had birthday party for my niece, who turned 9 today! She is here visiting from NY


Someone really liked the cake..


Now were home cheering on our Utes!

Hope your having a great weekend!!

Question of the Day:

Anyone do a race this weekend?

Did you dress up?

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  1. SO fun! My husband is a huge basketball fan. We have season tickets to one of the local colleges. I want to try the sprints. No races this weekend, but I'm thinking about finally running a half