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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 3 of THF

Okay, so I skipped a recap of week 2. Oops.

Quick recap- Same thing as week 1

Week 3, Porter added had me start carb cycling into my diet.


So I had two different meal plans to do- every other or every two days to switch it up.

“A” diet is a little lower in carbs then the normal “B” diet. On my high cardio days/two a-days I would make it a B day (higher carbs).

I’m still eating 7-8 meals throughout the day,every 2 hours I have a meal scheduled to eat, I do have a hard time getting them right on time most days, but I’m not ever going longer then 3 hours without fuel. 

As far as cravings go, I am not really wanting candy or ice cream.. even fro-yo! But I’m still missing bananas and coconut flour waffles.



Supplements I’m taking are still the same:

  • Protein Powder- Fitmixer, 2x a day post-workout & before bed.
  • Fish Oil: 3x a day
  • CLA: 3x a day
  • Calcium with D3
  • Multi-Vitamin
  • B12
  • Mio energy: When needed.

Something we learned over week 2-3 is that I can gain muscle very easily. My weight didn’t change much, it fluctuates the same 5-6 pounds every week, but my body fat was down even more. So I took out some of the body building type workouts and I did GPP workouts along with teaching a few Body pump and Body attack classes.

So far, I have been feeling really good. Less bloating this week (Yay!) but my sleep went down the drain this week with remodeling our house and staying up waaaaaaay to late laying the floor.

Results don’t happen in a day… right?


I’m sticking with the same thing for going into week 4, so we will see if my weight will drop a bit without doing additional lifting then what I do weekly.

My workout schedule this week:

Monday: GPP, 30 min HIIT/Body Attack

Tuesday: GPP, Body Pump

Wednesday: GPP

Thursday: GPP, 30 min HIIT

Friday: GPP, Spin

I added some 30 min of HIIT twice this week to fuel my love for running. I have been missing long runs lately. (I can’t believe I just admitted that..)

So, goals for this week:

  • Get my workouts done everyday
  • Get to sleep at a decent hour.
  • Be better at getting my meals on time.
  • Drink more water.

Question of the day:

What is your goal for the week?


  1. Great job, Cand! My goal is to reduce sugar this week. xo

  2. I'm missing my long runs too. Not sure where you live, but we should run together sometime. I live in Farmington and have a nice chill longer (10-13 miles) course I like to go on, but haven't since my marathon. I'm kind of a blue bird runner and don't like to run in the cold as much, so any motivation I can get like running with people helps!

  3. love this post. thanks for sharing! my goal is to cut out sugar and reduce breads, pastas etc.
    p.s. love the ecard you posted. i feel like that all the time! xo