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Monday, October 22, 2012

In a sort of way.


My friend posted this on instagram yesterday, I couldn’t agree more.

So I took it and re-posted it. –Thanks, Deb!


Let me tell you how much I LOVE this.

As a group fitness instructor, trainer, nutrition guru I love to introduce people to health.

Do I consider myself an athlete?

Sure. In a kb swinging, jumping, kipping sort of way…

This might sound crazy but I feel the most beautiful after a workout like this.


Source via

In a no make-up, my hair tied back, sweating, and out of breath sort of way.

Because after I accomplish a workout like this, no matter how long it takes me, I take pride in the fact that I finished it, I fought through every rep and kept going when the going got tough. After doing something hard or lifting heavy shiz, I feel better about me. Weird. I know.

When I watch or workout next to my friends that are going through the same fight it brings us together like PB and jelly. ---> how is that for a simile?

So, the point I’m getting to here, is to invite a friend. Invite that person to do something for themselves, to be an fitness athlete. If not with working out, maybe a healthy meal or recipe? Everyone deserves the feeling of accomplishment.

For example, when we eat well, its no surprise we feel better about ourselves, and when we get a good workout in, we feel better about ourselves.—It doesn’t have to be a hard workout or a long run. Just move! And I don’t mean from the couch to the kitchen.

I like to push my limits and l like to push others to theirs. I want others to achieve anything they put their mind to, to think of themselves as an athlete, not just a fancy ornament.


What do you do to feel better about yourself?

Shopping spree? Manicure? Sweat sesh?

Tonight, I ended up subbing a body pump class at skills and they had a Body Combat launch afterwards. These chicks know how to fight. I stuck around for two tracks then peaced out. 


Dinner came right out of tupperware again.. fancy nancy.

I also had some sweet potato that I inhaled while the tilapia was cooking.


I have a new favorite flavor of Mrs. Dash!


I am huge fan of these seasonings, no salt and gives a blast of flavor to your meat/veggies. Have you tried them? I just get it at Smiths.

Now, Brent and I have some modern family to catch up on… (love this show!)

The debate tonight gave me a great idea for a post… or 3, in a sort of way.

Have a great night y’all.


  1. Freaking love that Alanis quote!!

  2. Alanis Morrisette? Who knew the lady was so wise. Isn't it ironic? It's like rain on your wedding day.

    I enjoyed this post babycakes, when I read stuff like this it makes me love you more because I feel like we share a common mindset. I also liked the second quote, especially where it said "not bound by age". I saw two ladies running tonight while I was dropping Jonah off at his football game. He said "I didn't know old people could workout". Ha. They were legitimately in their 70's. If I saw them running in a race I would consider them as much an athlete as the person in the front of the pack. It is a state of mind. I have been trying to get my family to workout or run with me for YEARS. I have gained so much from being fit and conquering a hard workout and I want to duplicate that feeling for everyone I love.