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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New PR and BP launch!

Its only Tuesday… Does anyone else feel like it should be at least Thursday?

Although, its been a long week to me already, Today was a GREAT day!

I pulled a huge PR today in my dead lift at GPP. We haven’t done heavy DL’s in awhile and I was surprised that I upped my PR by 50lbs! My old PR was 205 and today I was able to pull #255!! I had a lot of support and friends cheering me on and I definitely don’t think I could of done it without them.

There were so many PR’s today it was outstanding! I love watching and hearing about peoples success in the gym. It makes me happy and I could not be more proud of their dedication and strength. There were several chicks who joined the #200 club today in the gym. Cool stuff!

It was also Body Pump Launch at Skills Fitness today. They launched BP #83 tonight and it was a great class! I love the excitement that launches bring into the gym, along with fun décor and the fact that the instructors all get to teach together! I love team teaching, and think it brings a little more energy to it. I didn’t teach tonight, but came to hang out and play, and of course take pictures.

I ended up doing a little back, bi and tri workout afterward that my nutritionist gave to me along with my diet plan.

I love working out my back- it is one of my favorite muscle groups to workout. Number one, would have to be shoulders.

Momma got back!

It can only get better from here right?

I also spent some time at the park today, the twins begged all morning to go and after they cleaned up their rooms, made dinner, folded 14 loads of laundry and scrubbed my kitchen floor. I took them.
Okay, just kidding.. I still have to clean all of that.. But it doesn’t take much to get me to procrastinate on house work. Besides, it was over 80 degrees today so we are going to take advantage of the sun while we can!
Taking a huge container of oatmeal to the park for a picnic is totally normal right?

I have discovered that park time before nap time = a 5 hour nap!!
This mom is not going to complain about that! Winking smile

Want to be part of something cool?

Check this out!

Question of the day:
What is your favorite muscle group to train?


  1. yayyy for launches! You all look body pump perfect in your red and black! And I love the video. Favorite muscle group to train? I just love legs

  2. You are SO stinking awesome! Love you lady! Nice job on the deadlift, also your back look amazing! Fav muscle group to work is shoulder, I feel like they define fast than everywhere else - and I like to see change!

  3. You are a machinnnnneeee. WTG on the deadlift!

  4. You rock girly! I've just started to incorporate more weight exercises into my routine [used to do 99% cardio] and within 2 weeks I already feel a difference! Only problem... I need some suggestions/ recommendations :)

  5. You made that look easy. Easy!

  6. I like shoulders too. I have to remind myself to work on them but I love when they are strong and toned.