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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Total Health and Fitness

Happy Weekend!!

I have some news to share with you and its something I am pretty excited about.

Here is the story- (the short version)

Last summer I turned to the Paleo diet. Within two weeks of the diet, I felt great- I was running faster and ended up being the leanest I have ever been. After awhile, I was having major stomach cramps, bloating, constipation – TMI? I added a digestive enzyme but it just wasn’t enough. I decided due to my activity level,  I needed more fuel and decided paleo wasn’t for me- I had cut calories low and it ended up slowing down my metabolism. I had hit a plateau and felt weak and just burned out. I added more carbs into the diet in the form or gluten-free oats, brown rice etc. I started gaining weight. So I went back to paleo… with no luck… I think my metabolism has slowed down and after trying different things to get it to speed back up.. my weight hasn’t’ budged.…So, fast forward to now and I am actually up 16-20lbs from last year, my pants are all super snug and I just want to wear my skinny jeans. I eat clean, I exercise daily and I’m just a bit frustrated in the fact that I can’t figure out myself.
After talking with one of my friends she referred me to her friend Porter Brinton at Total Health and Fitness.


Last week, I called the office and set up a FREE consultation with him. I talked to him about my goals, what was going on, what I think happened and he assured me he could get me right back to where I want to be. He took my BW and BF, figured out my lean muscle mass weight and gave me a goal that would be realistic and achievable for me in 12 weeks.

 NOW, let me say, that by any means I do NOT I think I look bad or overweight, I am actually stronger then ever right now, I simply just want to fit back in my jeans and be comfortable with me. My goal is to lose a few lbs. and gain more lean muscle mass.

Porter was very knowledgeable and friendly, he went through his program and helped me understand how to get my metabolism revving again, without making me completely stopping what I am doing now. He has designed a program around my schedule and lifestyle to get me where I want to be.
This last Thursday was my actual first week with him, He gave me this notebook (which he does with all his clients.)

Inside the notebook there are 5 key components


Starting with nutrition, I was given a diet plan that pretty much tells me what to eat and what time to eat it. This diet plan was designed specifically for me and my is set to my body weight and is what my activity level requires.I will admit I am eating about 400 more calories per day then I was eating. Think 1700 to about 2000 and I’m eating every 2-3 hours just like I was before. So far I have followed it to a T,. Well, besides taking a nap yesterday with the twins and completely slept through meal 5. It is actually pretty similar to how I was eating before. Minus bananas.. which I really miss. but I still get peaches, strawberries, apples and raspberries, so I think I’ll live!


I have posted my plan on my pantry door for quick access.


2nd is Vitamins and Supplementation


FYI- Porter likes to scribble as he explains things. Winking smile
I am a vitamin queen, and pretty much had this down pact. The only change he wanted to add is for me to start taking a CLA tonalin and stop taking any pre-workout.---> Also, really hard for me.. I love heart caffeine pre-workout.

3rd is cardio- Which he set at a 4x minimum for me. Which throughout the week will be a breeze. He does want me to keep an eye on my heart rate and make sure it stays in a target zone. I don’t have a heart rate monitor so any suggestions right now would be fab!


I am happy that he didn’t try to alter my lifestyle in a big way. I LOVE getting in my GPP everyday. GPP has changed my body and made me confident and stronger in so many ways. So, for Porter to understand that and has fit GPP training into my program along with teaching my Body Pump/Body Attack classes means a lot.

4th is Resistance Training.

Porter prescribed me 2 workouts, a upper body and a lower body workout for me to do 4x a week. This will be controlled and AHAP (as heavy as possible.)—> This is also hard for me, I have completed one of the workouts so far, and going slow and controlled is tough.. I love to go as fast as I can through things, so I really had to concentrate and count to myself. Maybe it’s a mom thing to feel like I am always in a hurry?
It wasn’t to bad and by the end I found it to be a little relaxing? Not during the workout but afterward. Maybe Resistance training is what yoga is to other people? Ha!

5th and last is professional assistance- This is the part where we will actually track my progress and make a week by week goal to work for.  Since this is my first week, we have only documented my starting point and set a goal for me to be at next week. Which I will share with you all as we go. Smile

So that is that! I am starting a new training/nutrition program just for the next 12 weeks. Every Thursday I will be meeting with Porter and I am happy to share with all of you my experience and progress!


  1. Yay Candice! He will help you so much. He knows his stuff. Told you he didn't love bananas lol!!

  2. I'm glad you reached out for someone to help you with this! I can't believe you can't have bananas ha ha. I'd die a little bit inside;)
    I hope this program works out perfectly for you! I can't wait to hear more about this!

    1. I know right?! I had one EVERY DAY! frozen bananas with AB is my favorite snack.

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