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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pumpkin Oats!


I had a great Tuesday! I actually got a full night of sleep and a nap! I think I may be fully recovered from my lack of sleep after a crazy weekend with the rat.

For breakfast this morning, I pulled out the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Oats!


Oh, how I have missed pumpkin! I love fall for many reasons and pumpkin is on the top of that list!

I cooked the oats in the microwave with water and two egg whites for about a minute and a half until the eggs were fully cooked then stirred in a 1/4 C. pumpkin, cinnamon and pumpkin spice.

It hit the spot!

I usually make pumpkin oats and mix in a little vanilla protein instead of eggs. HERE is a recipe for that!

After breakfast I headed to GPP for this workout! It included weighted chin ups! Let me start off by saying, I can not do a chin up. I don’t know why either. It frustrates me just a little. I can do them if I keep them but from hanging- no deal. I don’t like things I’m not good at, reason being why I consider chin ups to be my GOAT. I should probably work on them a little more.. So I did mostly negative chin-ups, jump up to the bar and go slow down. I didn’t have to jump as much as usual so I know I’m making a little progress right?!

For lunch I made a fish load of Tilapia and packed them away for future meals. Leaving a little out for a tilapia spinach salad.


Topped some spinach with a little onion, sweet potato and garden tomatoes.



I also taught pump tonight which included a kiiiiilllller lunge track from an oldie release and I’m sure I’ll be feeling it in the bootay tomorrow!

After pump I wanted to pound out a little cardio on the TM so I could watch the season finale of SYTYCD. Surprisingly, I felt great and was able to maintain a 7:41 pace for 3 miles! I did stop once to switch TM because I picked the rockiest, shakiest TM for the first mile before I decided I can’t handle a shaky TM and jumped to another one. (That is why it only says 2 miles).



Does anyone watch X-factor? I don’t- but saw this on Janae's post today and think I probably should! This little girl is amazing!!

Question of the day:

What is your favorite pumpkin recipe? LINK it up!

What is your GOAT?


  1. mmmm- pumpkin does totally rock! Its still so toasty here though...I honestly don't feel ready for it! I got a pumpkin misto on my birthday and haven't had one since. As soon as a little chill sets in, I'm sure I'll be back on the pumpkin! The oats look divine! Shaky treadmills always drive me nuts. Favorite pumpkin recipe:


    Family tradition meal. My kids love scooping it out of the pumpkin. We make it without salsa and oregano and serve with hot tortillas.