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Friday, September 7, 2012

Aerial Circus Guest & Red Rock Relay

Hey guys! While I am out running the red rock relay, I have an awesome guest post from Carolyn who blogs over at She is going to share a little about aerial circus and the fitness benefits involved. I am memorized my ariel fitness it is crazy to me and something I would love to try! 

I'm off to Rock the Red Rock Relay!


Here is Carolyn!

Aerial circus – make a spectacle out of your workout

The days of spending hour upon hour in the gym just to see results are over. More and
more women are seeking out alternative ways to get fit, burn calories and work towards
a leaner body. If you’ve been looking for something new to get you moving, then this
introduction to aerial circus from the team at new pole and aerial fitness blog Poleista will
help you to decide whether it could provide the workout that you’ve been dreaming of.

So what is aerial circus, exactly?
Aerial arts involve performing aerobic style moves whilst suspended in the air. There are
several types which all involve the use of different apparatus. They’re much more than just
a simple way to burn a few calories, and aerial is considered to be a true art form amongst
those who take it seriously.

Why should I try aerial circus?
It’s important that you choose a type of exercise that will reap the rewards, and in this
respect, aerial circus really delivers. It provides a total body workout that can improve
core strength and flexibility whilst also burning calories and fat. Aerial circus provides a
great way to boost confidence too, and beginners often find that their newfound skills can
translate into all areas of their lives. After all, we all know how much better we feel when
we’re looking at our very best!

What are the different types of aerial art?
Here’s an overview of the various types of aerial art that you can choose between.

Aerial hoop
Aerial hoop is the most popular of all the aerial arts, and you’ve probably seen it in action
on the TV. It involves using a large metal hoop suspended from the ceiling, which is used
to perform tricks and moves. A beginners’ class will cover the basics of getting up and
down from the hoop and then how to spin. Once this has been mastered, the class will
move onto more advanced manoeuvres involving performance skills and technique. Aerial
hoop is also sometimes referred to as lyra or cerceau. You can see a wonderful example
of aerial hoop in action by Lena Gutschank.

Static trapeze
Static trapeze arts involve the use of a suspended metal bar. The equipment stays
completely still whilst the artist performs tricks and poses. Beginners will usually start
by learning how to get on and off the trapeze, and then progress to more advanced
movements and techniques. Have a look at this video by Cirque Bijou to get a taste of
what static trapeze involves.

Spanish web
Spanish web is one for those who fancy themselves as Latino lovelies! The artist climbs
a rope which they can then use to perform a range of tricks and moves. The apparatus
includes a loop at the very top of the rope, which students can use to lock their wrists
into to allow a wider range of positions. A beginners’ class will involve learning very basic
poses and some easier climbing techniques.

Aerial tissu
Tissu, which is also known as silk, is a fabric apparatus that performers use to climb and
wrap their bodies around. Beginners’ classes will teach how to climb the silks and carry out
basic poses. The moves will eventually require greater strength and skill, which is slowly
built up over time. This video by Billie Wilson-Coffey is a beautiful display of what you
could do when you master the silks.

How can I get started?
Sign up for a class in your local area. Many gyms, as well as private instructors, will offer
aerial classes on their timetables. Go along to your first class with an open mind, and try to
enjoy yourself!

What can I expect from my first class?
Your class will always start with a warm-up to get your body moving. You will then be
introduced to some basic moves before slowly moving on to more advanced techniques.
Classes tend be very friendly, so you’re likely to even make a few new friends while you’re

Aerial circus arts are a fantastic way to get fit and learn a new skill. If you’re bored of your
usual exercise regime, it’s well worth giving aerial a go.

Written by: Carolyn at