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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The twins turn ONE!

I can't even believe my babies are one!

It actually hit me the other day when I was walking around the grocery store and someone asked me how old they were.. and I responded with a 1. YEAR! This past year has been a whirlwind. Its amazing to me how fast time actually goes by! You actually don't ever realize it till its to late.
The party turned out to be pretty darn fantastic.
So much preparation goes into throwing a shindig like this and I am so thankful for my family and friends that came out to help and party hardy.
I was pretty stressed the hour before the party, I had just taught pump which got done at 10 and then of course I didn't get home till about 10:30am With the party starting at noon, time was pretty tight. Lets just say we have the best neighbors in the world and an AMAZING bunch of folks I'm lucky to call family.
The PARTY went off without a HITCH!

We did a beach luau theme! Sand castle cake, with oodles of fruit and classic BBQ food-- pasta salad, a green salad, Turkey Burgers, Hamburgers, and ocean sugar cookies.. Which I failed to capture a picture off but they are up in the upper right corner.. any sugar cookie with a swedish fish on top and has blue sprinkles like the sea is okay in my book. ;) 

Whats a party without a candy bar. Goldfish, Salt water Taffy, skittles, Organic vanilla animal cookies, Jelly beans, sugar babies, and swedish fish. I also gave out bubbles as a party favor. 
The babies loved this water table! They played with it the whole first HOUR of the party. And that people.. is a big deal!

But to actually get them to all look at me at the same time for a picture is an impossible feat. I got B's outfit from mud pie and Tanners outfit is from Hawaii! Cutest tourist you'll ever see;)
After Play time It was time to cut the cake! I made T & B their own personal little flip flop. We sang happy birthday and after they clapped and clapped but didn't really dive into their cake. 

We tried to force it upon them.

They must of known I had stayed up till 1:30am making them and messed up the recipe. I won't even tell you what I did wrong-- but apparently I can't follow recipes that late at night.. But it ended up being perfect for the flip flops! 
The twins were spoiled with gifts! 

lucky kiddos. 

We had a great time celebrating the birth of our little twinners! That year went by waaaaay to fast. 
This past year having children has changed our life completely, I constantly am chasing these two little nuggets around, one in the kitchen, one climbing the stairs, the wrestling matches to put clothes on, the tag teaming to change a diaper, crazy bath times, teething long nights, the smashing, throwing, & spitting out of food, changing theirs & MY outfit at least twice everyday. But you know what? We love it. Nothing can replace these two little miracles in our life. When they are together by themselves they laugh and gabber to each other, their slobbery wide mouth kisses, early morning snuggles, the way they reach for me when I walk into the room, their little voices calling for "mamama" or "dadada" the way they never go anywhere without the other right behind them, playing peek-a-boo can go on for hours and their smiles, grins and giggles absolutely melt my heart. late nights, early mornings, multi tasking at its finest, bottle juggling, and diaper wrestling etc. Having twins has its difficulties for sure! But we wouldn't trade them for the world! We love them SO much! 


  1. awwwwww! You are such an amazing Mommy! Everything looks just perfect. I love the flip flop and sand castle cakes!!!!! I will be looking to you for tips soon :)

  2. So cute!! It all turned out great! It was good seeing you the other day at my/your hair appointment. Whitney is truly amazing and the best! But I had a question where did you get the silver candy scoopers??