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Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm counting down...

Hey friends! I have two days till we leave for Hawaii!

I actually haven't announced, that we decided not to take the twinners! After several tweet and facebook conversations asking for YOUR input the majority.. okay, practically everyone advised us to leave them home. I made a list of pros and cons, and as much as we would LOVE to have them with us, traveling will be easier, packing, suntime, naptimes etc. will be more enjoyable. We are going to take the week to relax and enjoy being baby free and actually doing some of our favorite activities TOGETHER!! I feel as if this last year we just haven't gotten to do much as a couple so this will be a trip to remember!

 I can't wait! But my to-do list is a mile long! Our friends who are so SO kind to take T & B for the week are staying at our house so the babies will be in a familiar environment. So I want to make sure they have everything they need.
I went to bed last night with the intention to get a good nights rest, but my mind would not turn off! I kept thinking of all the things I had to get done and I tossed and turned till a eventually fell asleep around 2! Then I woke up by myself about 6 so I just got up and started crossing things off my to-do list! At about 7 everyone was still asleep so I figured I'd go get my workout in at GPP,  On the way out the door I snacked on half of a banana with some Homemade Cinnamon Chocolate Almond Butter! + a finger dip.. or two. (This stuff is delicious!
not actual picture.. but you get the point right? ccab is  def. chocolaty looking! 

Recipe coming soon!!!

Along with a handful of mixed nuts I was out the door. 
We did this workout today! KILLLLER! I felt great! There was a 400 m run X5 in this workout and my foot felt great!!! Thanks to my brother in law who is practically a Dr. and the new foam roller that I received last week!
When I got back home I of course whipped up a recovery protein shake
Chocolate for Breakfast?- Yes please!

  • 1 scoop of chocolate elite protien
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 5-7 ice cubes
  • 1.5 C. almond milk
  • pinch of each: gaur gum/ xanthan gum
  • 1 tbs of cocoa powder unsweetened
  • 2 handfuls of spinach! (spinach ALWAYS makes my shakes a funky color, mostly green if you + berries usually gray)

 and took a little time on this sweet deal. I am LOVING my foam roller and highly recommend them if you are a runner or athlete! My hips get sore from running and I have knots that require a LOT of pressure to undo. This hurts in a good way!

Q. Do you foam roll?

Q. Hawaii Ideas? (if your a new reader, tell me the must do's in Hawaii!)


  1. I used to work for a PT which is where I discovered I have really weak IT bands. I've been rollin' ever since and it has really helped with my pain when I run. It is a pretty painful stretch but it feels great! Love-hate relationship =)

  2. I have serious arm envy of you! Love those green monsters! The funkier the color the betahh :)