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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Almond butter vs. Peanut butter

Thanks for all your feedback on my computer dilemma, I would love a mac but the price tag on one of those suckers is a little much. I will accept donations :) Haha!

Some days I feel super productive and some days I have a little harder time. This morning was one of those mornings! I was tired from a late night out, eating to much and a little sugar overload ;) Although, I was still full  from the night before I was able to cook up a healthy breakfast.
4 Egg white scramble with onion, red pepper, spinach, avocados, and a little chicken for even more protein. 

Last night, Brent and I went out on a date to TUCANOS.

Tucanos is a local restaurant in SLC that pretty much is a Brazilian meat fest. Beef, Pork, Chicken.. more pork and of course all you can eat salad bar!
I started off with a plate full of some goods from the salad bar!
Lots of veggies, marinated tomatoes, cucumbers, tomato and mozzarella balls along on top of a bed of romaine lettuce and spinach. Oh, and lets not forget the shrimp... I totally overloaded on them! I LOVE shrimp! The only downfall was I had to peel them myself and that kind of creeps me out a little.. But I still completely over indulged.

The waiter comes by often and offers you a piece of meat, it felt like him or another one was there every 20 seconds... My favorite was a teriyaki steak and the roasted veggies that had a little bit of Parmesan cheese on them. 
After our bellies were stuffed we decided to do a little shopping because I had purchased a groupon that was expiring soon and wanted to use it! We headed to Old Navy right before they closed! I was able to find a workout skirt and some shorts. 

On our way back to the car I begged Brent to head into Juicy Berry (yogurt shop) Although I was still stuffed I always like something sweet to just top me off ;) We went in and took full advantage of their sample cups. 

Sometimes a sample will suffice;)

Peanut Butter VS. Almond Butter

I received an e-mail wondering why I prefer Almond Butter over Peanut Butter and decided it would make a great post! First off I have a love of both butters. Both go well with chocolate and bananas. 
If I have a choice I choose Almond Butter for a few reasons. 
Here are some nutritional facts. 

okay, you can't really read it unless you blow it up but here is the breakdown
PB is on the right, almond butter on the left.

PB                                                             Almond Butter

200 Cal                                                         180 Cal
16 g. fat                                                         16 g. fat
2.5g saturated fat                                           1 g. saturated fat
4.5g polyunsaturated fat                                 4g polyunsaturated fat
8g monounsaturated fat                                  10g monounsaturated fat
105g sodium                                                  0g. sodium
6g carbs                                                        6g. carbs
2g fiber                                                          4g fiber
1g sugar                                                         2g  sugar
7g protein                                                      7g protein 

Both being pretty similar nutrient wise, But the difference is in the micro nutrients!!
  • Almonds are known as a "super food" and peanuts aren't actually even considered a nut! They are actually classified as legumes!! 
  • Almond butter contains 40% of our daily need of Vitamin E, 25% magnesium, 8% iron & calcium
  • Almonds help to prevent heart disease, support a healthy immune system and regulate your blood sugar and blood pressure! 
  • Higher amount of "Healthy fats" which are good for fat burning and satiety. 

How to buy your butters? 

Popular Peanut Butter such as Skippy or Jif contain extra sugar and added oils! Candy in a jar. Avoid them and go for all natural peanut butter! I like "Adams" or I grind it myself. Some grocery stores have nut grinders that are accessible to you to do so! A natural PB can take a little getting use to, after a few weeks you will taste some of the "other" PB and it will taste oober salty and sugary! 
Almond Butter same as above can include added sugars and oils. I prefer to grind my own, for baking and for a more creamy butter I buy the roasted almond butter from Costco (the one shown above) It does settle and oil can appear at the top, know that, that certain brand does not have "added" oils and it is just natural oils that have settled on top. I just dump the oil out and stir it up and keep it refrigerated after opening. Its kind of soupy. You can also make your OWN! Which I don't mind doing because its so simple!!  
You can even do it with peanuts! 

I love it chunky. 
I chunky dunk a banana quite frequently! Its my favorite snack pre-workout, first thing in the morning.. and even at night with a little frozen banana to satisfy my evening sweet tooth! 

So to actually answer the question, I prefer AB over PB because of the benefits of the micro nutrients and I love the natural taste of almond butter over PB. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a finger dip of PB here or there. :) Vanilla Ice cream + melted PB = Heaven. 

 A Con?- Almond Butter is a bit more expensive. But you do get a little more bang for your buck!

Q. Which do you prefer? AB or PB? 

Q. After overindulging does it take you awhile to get going again? Even the next day? 


  1. What a fun date night for you two :) I love frozen yogurt! Best dessert. I like both AB and PB...but find myself leaning more towards AB- my favorite is TJs raw unsalted. SO good!

  2. I prefer AB over PB too. I actually like the taste of AB a little better, but that could be slightly swayed by the fact that I know it's healthier.

  3. Ohhh man I don't think I could ever chose between AB and PB. Lately I've been loving almond butter but PB has a special place in my heart...

    I can make both at home, so I like to do different mix-ins like cinnamon, brown sugar, chocolate, etc. YUM!