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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Readers Request: Post Pregnancy truths.

Hey everyone! Hope you had a fabulous day! Today I'm going to share my thoughts about the things that go on during/after you have the baby.. You know, the things nobody likes to talk about or totally avoids telling you...
I'm totally rating this PG-13 to.

Are you ready for the gruesome truth?...Here we go!

So your in labor.

Your water broke and you have to put a maxi pad on and pray it absorbs enough for you to make it to the hospital in time-- wear black pants!

The nurse takes you back and will check to see if or how much your dilated. Not so comfy.

You are exposed. yep. Spread eagle. Thats hot.

They give you a stool softening pill... Not sure if it was effective or not. If I had to chose, I would say not so much.--OUCH.

You can't wipe. You must squirt.

You will still look pregnant. Don't stress.

They recommend 6 weeks to workout, I say, go with how you feel. Walking, light weights, lunges, squating.. etc.. I waited 5 weeks before I went back to teaching.. But took it slow and really listened to my body.

They also recommend waiting 6 weeks before sex. (yep, I said it) I say.. wait about 10. Double OUCH! (& I even had a C-section)

Mesh panties are fabulous.

Your milk comes in.. You can take out anything with your chest.

You also pump and lean to reach for something and you spill--- don't cry over spilled milk. (you finally learn the real meaning of that saying).....& you will probably still cry.

The BEST thing in the whole world is holding your new baby until they fall asleep on your chest and you can just lay back and relax knowing your whole world has changed for the better.

The first time you see your baby face to face was the single moment I realized how amazing the woman body is and how blessed you are to create such a perfect little body. 

Your relationship with your spouse or significant other is strengthened and challenged at times. But you two are stronger and more understanding then ever before.

worth every second. 

Q. If you are pregnant or have had a baby what was something you discovered post baby or pre pregnancy that nobody seemed to mention?


  1. Great post. Not sure whether or not I'm happy that I read it though hahaha. I guess knowing is better than being surprised! 10 weeks?? goodness.

    I never will understand (and never knew) why people tell you birthing horror stories when you're pregnant. LIKE you want to hear those!

  2. I would say post pardum depression was the worst for me, I had to go back in the hospital, and it was 6 months for me....I tore inside and out!

  3. Thank you for posting these few things about pregnancies! It is good for me to know for when I have a kid. :)

  4. I was lucky enough to have worked at Babies R Us for 4 years before having a baby, so I was able to read a ton of pregnancy books during down time or on my breaks. I think the best book I ever read for revealing "the truth" was "The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy." One bit of info from that book that I didn't read anywhere else is that while you're pushing the baby out, you poop on the table. It is not a big deal, some nurse just quickly scoops it away, but if I hadn't known before that that is totally normal, I probably would've freaked.

    The other thing I wasn't expecting was to have saggy boobs in my mid-20s... Pregnant boobs and nursing boobs were awesome. Firm and perky ;) but not so much now! Thank heavens for the Very Sexy Push Up from Victoria Secret! Some of the best money I ever spent! ;)

  5. Peeing & puking during labor can happen. But DON'T worry-the nurses or doctors have seen it all!
    I got all nervous to do the 'post deliverly poop'! Stool softner....sheez-who knows how much it works! I made it to be a big deal in my mind, and had to tell myself to let it comes when it comes!
    get food ready to eat right AFTER that baby is out! I was STARVING-so get your nurse to get you some food ready!
    and NO ONE told me HOW SWOLLEN my genitals would be after my vaginal births. I went to the bathroom (squirted-yes, mesh panties-yes, huge diaper/pad thing-yes, ice pack-yes). looked down at myself and was in SHOCK. Where did that come from? how did that get SOOO SWOLLEN.

    Agree with cassidy-saggy boobs. :(

  6. Stretch marks. On my boobs. I expected them on my stomach (which actually didn't happen until the last week of my first pregnancy), but not anywhere else. It was like someone had taken a purple magic marker and drawn all over them.

    Also, no one told me how incredible it was to look at the face of your newborn baby and know that that little person is half you. To be a co-creator of life is the most awesome experience I can imagine. My first child looked just like me (I thought) when he was born, so it was WILD to look at him and feel like I was looking at a live picture of myself as a baby.

  7. it's so awesome to read these stories and experiences. ive never had a baby..a newlywed hoping to get pregnant in the next 5 months or so. some of this sounds so scary but every time i read about seeing your babies face it almost makes me cry! what an amazing experience. great post..thank you ALL for sharing your stories!