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Sunday, May 1, 2011

just get it done.

For the past two weekends we have been out of town. Last weekend we were in Connecticut and we just got home from Moab today! The blog was down over the weekend due to "low disc space". Thats just what happens when you take a trillion pictures of your babies and about a million pictures of food everyday... Luckily, my computer hacker husband  was able to save the computer.. It probably crashed like 3 times. Phew!!! We are back in business.
We were in Moab last month for the half marathon. It felt good to be back!
I'm going to admit.. I was a bad food blogger while we were in Moab this time around...oops. But I got about everything else..

We went on several jeep trails, hikes, cruised main street, shopped, and went to the car show.
We took the babies on their first jeep ride!! Don't worry, we made sure they were restrained properly

and we only did "safe" trails...

They were pretty brave.

Okay, they actually slept the majority of the time. And of course we were very cautious. I promise. What mother wouldn't be.

The car show weekend in Moab is kind of crazy.. You would think their was a parade.. people camp out on the side of the road just watching cool cars drive by.

Its always a good time hanging out with family, carajeepin around, and people watching.. watching classic cars.

By far the pinkest truck I have ever seen.

Our Carajeepin

yes, we drove down that... & in order to get down there I sat down and slid down the rock.. 

Since I have been on vacations, I have gotten a couple emails asking about working out while on vacation.
Do I workout on vacation?
YES! Of course, I just can't find a cure for my endorphin addiction..
My #1 advice for working out while on vacation.. Is to simply GET. IT. DONE.
Here are a few tips:

1. Wake up early and get. it. done.
Usually while on vacation you have schedules.. places to be and places to see. Don't put off your workout                till later because most likely you won't get to it.
2. Workout partner
Family Vacation? Just you and your hubby? It always helps to have someone with you to make a commitment to do a workout each day.
3. Running
Running is one of my favorite things to do while vacationing. I love to explore my surroundings on my own two feet.
4. Travel Workouts
My gym offers travel workouts! These are workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime! Click here for some ideas! I did this one, and this one while we were in Moab and it rocked my world.
5. Races
Sometimes you can find a 5k, 10k or some sort of race where you are vacationing.. Call me crazy... but thats my kind of fun.
Some people think vacations should be just that.. A VACATION.. but to me its an opportunity to explore and challenge I know I can take. Can you? But, take it easy to. You work hard all year long you deserve a little R & R.


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  1. What a fun trip! My husband is big into cars and would have loved this! I do workout on all of my vacations. I agree with getting up early and getting it done! Hope you have a good week :)