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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dirty Sox

Dirty Sox happens to be the name of our softball team! Brent and I started playing softball. We play on monday nights throughout the summer!! Last night was our first game, and guess what?! WE WON!! Neither of us have EVER played in our life.. (who really let us on this team?) We actually didn't do to shabby, we really surprised ourselves!  I can hit & sprint but still need to work on this whole catching business. Softballs are anything BUT soft. Brent played pitcher.. and I played catcher. How sweet...

My Sister and her husband play to!!! 

Pitcher + Catcher = <3

Go team GO! 

Big Thanks to GPA and GMA for watching the twinners!! Hopefully, they will get to come to the next game! Its still a tid bit chilly here.

Anyway to squeeze in a little more exercise in my day... ha! I loved it and can't wait to keep playing! Especially because Brent is playing to! 


Sticking with my new goal.. I have discovered its a little tougher then I anticipated.. Because salsa is more conveinent to just buy then to make.. but a goal is a goal so I just made  this salsa(which really is stellar!) This time I used 2 extra tomatoes, no avocado but added sliced mango! Inspired by Julies easy salsa chicken! 

2 Chicken Breast + Salsa + Crockpot

Set on LOW for 6 hours. 
Simply shred it, Stir it together

In the mix.. Handful of spinach, Sprouts, Green beans and Sliced Almonds + the Chicken on top! I put a little more salsa on top post pic. For a little extra flava! 

I spy baby B..

This recipe is so simple and delicious! You will love it! Would be perfect atop salad or even sandwiched between two slices of whole wheat bread with avocado, tomato, lettuce...cheese.. yum! 
Give it a GO!!

Q. Any softball players out there to give the dancer any tips?!

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  1. I am so not good at sports that involve throwing & catching :) I also was a dancer, cheerleader, soccer player and swimmer. :). But I think its so fun that you're playing. Wonderful crock pot meal. The mango is a sweet addition