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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cheating what is it good for?

Yay!!! For FRIDAY!!! So excited that the weekend is finally here! I'am more then excited for a little vaca. But lets get down to some hard core facts.

Today, lets chat for a minute about CHEATING..

I'm not talking about the days when you had your little sister do your math homework or secretly write the answers under your sleeve. This kind of cheating is in your daily diet. First off. I really hate the word diet. Why? because your so called "diet" should probably be how you should eat all the time. right?
Going from eating the way america does.. (fast food, processed & packaged goods) To eating clean, whole, natural foods... it can get a little rough.. First off.. cause all you have in your head is that you are on a swear word.. diet..  You make yourself a deal.. I'm not going to eat this or that or this.. etc.. then one day, (sometimes even the next) you cave and you share a ginormous slice of cheesecake with friends..

It doesn't stop there, you already messed up the diet that day so why not dig into the large popcorn bowl and 64 oz DP during a movie.
Sound familar?
Everyone is tempted at some point, after all you worked out hard all week, eating dessert is kind of like a reward right?
What kind of reward sends you right back to where you started? I'm not saying you can never eat dessert, just be picky. Its kinda cool to pull out your apple and healthy trail mix at the movies. Most likely others will want some of your treats to.
When you "cheat" on your diet.. you actually learn. Cheating actually serves a purpose. It happens. Put it behind you and move on. Make a plan, check out your schedule-- family party? Birthday? Showers? Decide if and when you will allow yourself a little somethin somethin. Ask yourself how much you really want it. Don't forget your goal and all the hard work your putting into your training. The answer depends on you-- pick your limits.

Whenever you start on a weight loss/fitness adventure, you will be challenged. Look it straight on and decide what you really want. Make a plan and plan on making  mistakes. They happen and are expected but if you really want to make a difference you have to make the smart choice.

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning but anyone can start today and make a new ending."
-Maria Robinson

Q. Whats your favorite "cheat"? 
Brownies. yep, love them.   


  1. I hate the word diet too! My Mom always taught me everything in moderation! My favorite "cheats" are chips and salsa!

  2. Yogurt covered pretzels!