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Thursday, September 1, 2011


September? Say what?!!
I am not ready for summer to be over. Brent always says I belong in Cali or Arizona when its summer all year round! I completely agree.

I can't even believe how fast August went by!!! It was a busy month for sure!
Lets do a quick recap of some August favorites!


Salmon Cakes
Lemon Balm Tuna

Banana pancake Casserole

Chocolate-Coconut Shake
Vanilla-Almond Granola

Zucchini Bread
Apple Butter Granola
Zucchini Spritzer Mahi Mahi


Epic cache-teton relay

Bear lake brawl-->My first triathlon!

What to look forward to in September..




Utah football, I married the #1 fan. AND the first game is tonight!!!


Pumpkin.. double duh.

As in pumpkin cookies, pumpkin protein shakes, and pumpkin oats!


Fall leaves!

That is the one of things I completely admire about utah! The colors of the mountains never disapoint in the fall..

Perfect running weather.. ALL day long!! You can go for a run without having to worry about the sun beating 

You down!  



Yes, I have one more relay this summer! With a group of girls that I completely admire! I can't wait!

This morning when my alarm went off I immediently hit snooze.. then without fail it went off again. Brent asked if I was going and I just said no, thinking in my head I sleep > run.. Then I laid there.. negotiating with myself, trying to fall back asleep.... and guess what.. the alarm went off again.. I couldn't deny it.. besides it was to far out of my reach so I had to get out of bed to turn it off anyway. I grabbed my clothes that I laid out last night and hit the pavement. As I stepped outside I felt the first chill of fall! As I started running I was thinking I should of been wearing a jacket ! Must be September, it was a little chilly! Another sign that fall is coming...

It was 5:45am.. No sign of the sun yet. The dark and dreary days are coming!
I was so happy that I got up and got going, although it wasn't the 5 miles I intended on the night before but I got a good four.

And I got to catch the sunrise!

Sure, bring on the fall... 

Q. If you could pick one season ALL year long what would pick?

Q. Whats your favorite thing about the FALL months? 


  1. oh this post made me homesick. i could feel the Utah Fall through the computer! If I could pick one season, it would probably be Utah Fall, although I'm definitely becoming accustomed to the heat since moving to Texas. I still have a few more months before I get some cool running in. Can't wait to see your pumpkin recipes. I love pumpkin!

  2. Fall is definately my Favorite. And Yes the Cool Air this morning as a sure sign it's September. Don't know how you do it all with the twins and all. I have a sister Running Red Rock again this year too. this will be her 12th Relay. Most of which are Ragnars all over the place. But Always Red Rock too. Good Luck and way to be. I need to find my motivation to get out on the morning Runs. I'm more of a Night runner. But Morning sunrise and crisp air is my Favorite! weekend work outs are where I find my peace. Check out my Running Blog. Thanks for your awesome Blog!

  3. Id totally pick summer-no question! Flip flops and dresses full time? Im in! Great recipe review! I am excited for football and pumpkin ( baked with pumpkin again today!)

  4. ooo thats tough...i love fall...spring is nice though too...hmmmm

    i do look forward to fall!! I love fall clothes, pumpkins, and the nice weather! its soo perfect outside..and pretty!

  5. Gah, spring and fall are my favorites because of the enjoyable not too warm, not too cold weather :) But fall still wins... My birthday, the first day of school, pumpkin, foliage, Halloween and Thanksgiving, bonfires, and hiking adventures :D