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Saturday, September 24, 2011

So far in Lake Mead

We have been having a great time so far in Lake Mead! We drove to St. George Thursday and spent some time with some friends and family!
This is B & T with my friend Jamies twin girls that were born only two days before them!! Could you imagine having quadruplets? It was fun to watch all of them run around together.

As we were leaving we ran into my dad's Aunt and Uncle randomly. Like way random. It had to be documented.

We spent the whole day on the lake yesterday the babies did fairly well and it was fun to get some time out on the boat.
"I got my stunna shades on mom"

We came home and relaxed a little bit, fired up the grill and enjoyed some grilled chicken, green beans and grapes for dinner.

After our dinner settled we decided it would be fun to get a workout in. Brent and I set the timer and completed this workout.

For Time

100 high sumos with 25lb Kettle bell
100 squats
100 pushups
100 situps

We completed each exercise before moving on to the next. It kicked my booty.. especially the pushups! It was fun and motivating to have Brent do it with me! He actually finished before me! Seems as if I have a little competition ;)
I finished in...

Baby B even got in on the workout! Check out her perfect "below parallel squat"!

We shared a recovery shake post workout, out of my new favorite mug. That we discovered in the rental home. Hate the show. But love the mug! ha!

This morning I woke up pretty early, we made a good egg scramble breakfast and I decided to head out for a quick 3 mile run. I laced up my shoes and got all ready to go. Well, sort of. I discovered that I had forgotten my headphones and my running belt. Since I use my I phone for my music (love the Pandora app) There was no way to listen to my music.. I don't know about you but running without music for me is a little rough when I'm by myself. But I set out anyway. Once I stepped out the door the heat hit me and I was sweating already.. and I wasn't even running!! It was only 8AM and 100 degrees outside!!! Seriously. I made it only 1.5 miles before I called it good. It was to hot and being music less I had nothing pushing me to keep going. Since we hit the lake later I didn't feel to bad for not finishing my run. We were planning on major boating time so to me wakeboarding > running in 100 degree weather for sure.

When I got back to the house it seemed like everyone had turned to the pool to fight off the morning heat. Including my two little munchkins.

Yes, they walked in the water.. in their clothes!! It was to cute to get mad.   I was actually surprised that they actually chose to get even close to the water! Since they have not always been water babies.

Once everyone was ready to go we headed back to the lake, which of course involved a little wakeboarding and tubing today!!

 I haven't gone tubing forever! I love it. It just reminds me of being a kid again. Janey (My SIL) and I could not stop laughing and screaming. It was quite the riot.

The best part of the trip was my BIL blew up the tube pretty much by himself!! New tube.. No pump. Impractical yes, but not impossible.. Here is the proof!
good luck with that...


We were able to snack on this little fruit medley, grilled chicken from last night, and PB sandwiches, and homemade gluten free banana bread. Completely random but it kept us fueled throughout the day.

Nobody said boating food was fancy.

As much fun as tubing was, it doesn't even match up to wakeboarding! The water was a little rough for my liking but it was a killer leg workout! I still had a blast cutting, jumping and just riding! 

It was a fun day on the lake and a good way to wrap up the summer!

We returned home from boating and were STARVING. We didn't have much variety to choose from and are planning on heading out on the town tonight so chicken and veggies it was..

Hey, at least I took time to throw it on a plate right?

Time to go hang out a little more with the fam, then were out on the town! 

Hope your all having a great weekend!!

Q. Any Vegas must do, must eat recommendations??


  1. So fun! B is seriously the cutest thing ever! The squat pic is fabulous! Big bowls of fruit make me happy!

  2. You are gorgeous and have such an adorable family! I love reading your blog & check it weekly. thanks for being a great example. even while on vacation eating healthy. Way to Go!! Happy weekend!

  3. I LOVE Vegas. I can't wait to go next month for the Ragnar. I wish I had recommendations for you, but it's been FOREVER since I've been there.

  4. I AM JEALOUS! totally wanna go boating, as i told you the other day haha. glad you got WLW working! xoxo