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Monday, September 19, 2011

{A weekend recap}

This weekend was kind of  a big deal.. If you live in Utah and you are a Utah fan or a BYU fan.

Lets just say I married the BIGGEST Utah fan ever. Hands down. And I don't complain.
 P.S this this is one utah shirt out of about a bagillion. I was excited for the game but I was more excited for a date with this handsome man.

My Dad and Step-mom watched the twinners so we wouldn't have to keep the babies at the game past bedtime. We headed to the game Saturday afternoon and decided to get a little dinner before the game at Olive Garden.
I went for the grilled Mediterranean chicken with vegetables.

It was so-so. Olive Garden has gone downhill if you ask me.. or maybe since we hardly ever go out to eat I seem to judge resturants a little harshly because it seems that food the use is bought cheaply for quanity and NOT quality... or possibly because I'm a little bitter because I said no cheese and CLEARLY there was feta cheese atop my chicken. -- I'm picky.. I know. 

After good conversation and game predictions we headed over to the field. 

The game was on BYU's Turf. It was so weird not being the majority and of course being completely surrounded by cougars.

Fun Fact--Last time I was at this field I was pregnant but didn't know for sure if I was or not.

The game was a close one.. 10-54 Utah won!! GO UTES!! I had one happy husband! Part of me feels really bad for those little kitties. The funnest part really is the rivalry. Today this was sign at Arby's
hehe.. I had a good laugh.
Sorry, Cougars.

I spent the rest of the weekend making Halloween bows..
Here is a sneak peek!

A giveaway is coming...
I also decided it was a good weekend for some banana bread! I recently had purchased mama peas book, Peas and Thank you and followed her banana bread recipe, I doubled it to make two loafs, but I didn't have any vegan butter so I subbed applesauce instead and it turned out fabulous. In fact, that's what we had for dinner last night. 
1/2 loaf = a meal right?

After such a great and nutritious dinner we headed over to a little family birthday party.
I'm hiding... can you spot me? 
What is better to follow up such a great dinner then with cake and ice cream. 
Although, I was still way full from the banana bread massacre that I opted out but did snack on some watermelon that was on the side;) aka.. (their dinner leftovers)
It was a great weekend! 
Now that it is Monday, I made a commitment to refocus. Overdose of banana bread will do that to ya..


I had a great workout(s) today!

This morning I headed to my brother-in-laws gym and had a great cardio workout, along with my mother in-law! He sent us through 5 cycles of a variety of exercises, using dumbbells, bands, TRX, jump ropes, running and even tires! It was rough. But I took it pretty easy because I knew I had 2 other workouts to complete today.
GPP's workout today was another killer one.. I pretty much got my butt handed to me but I got a PR on it and I feel pretty good about conquering it! If you want to give it a try, check it out here!  
Then tonight I taught Body Attack for the first time in awhile! I love teaching this class, it gets my heart pumpin every time and I always leave a sweaty, sweaty mess. 

Now.. where is that banana bread?..

Oh ya, foooocus...along with my goal this week I wanted to plan meals! I hardly ever plan actual meals because rarely do they ever happen. I will plan them but something comes up or something else just sounds better.. So I did what I do best and made a list.  

I went to the grocery store today and planned meals for the rest of the week, as I shopped around. 
 I have a few new recipes and can't wait to share them with you!! 
Beginning with breakfast tomorrow!!!
See you in the A.M !!

Q. When you bake, do you eat as you go? Cause I do. Bad habit? Yes. 
I love anything that comes right out of the oven! Warm, satisfying and delicious! --- get in mah belly!

Q. What is your favorite restaurant lately? 
I need a place to redeem my thoughts about eating out.


  1. You should try Sage's Cafe or Vertical Diner, they have the same owners and both are vegetarian/vegan/organic/local and amazing!

  2. i love your exuses for not eating sweets. your no't fooling anyone sweetiee!

  3. Cute bow! I totes agree with you about restaurant food... We had a few bad experiences dining out but recently we've had some great meals so my hope has been restored ;) But I think it's more of the chain restaurants than the individual or smaller restaurants that are lacking...

  4. Funn- love football. Banana bread sounds like a fantastic dinner. Sometimes i eat as i bake- depends what im making!

  5. Yay UTES! Check out my Blog Post about the Utes and my Great Uncles Article (Written in 2008 but s super good one)
    I also love your halloween Bows! Super cute. If only I had time to make some that would be awesome.
    Love your Blog. You are awesome!

  6. Cander I love that bow, I want you to make one for Alisi! P.S. that's awesome you mentioned Jason's Gym...I'll have to come workout with you guys when you go there. Love ya :)