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Sunday, September 4, 2011

{Making a Healthy Plan}

Happy Sunday!! Today has been nothing but relaxing! We rolled out of bed at about 8:30am! (Thank you T & B) I was more then ready for breakfast. I saw that Janetha made waffles earlier this week and decided that was how I would start my Sunday!! She and I followed this recipe, I added a scoop of Vanilla Protein powder and an additional splash of milk to make it a good consistency. Also, I was fresh out of blueberries.  I also just threw all the ingredients into a blender because it's just the laziness in me on a Sunday morning :)
I topped it with a few frozen raspberries and agave nectar, smashing and spreading those raspberries around post pic. 

These waffles are delicious! and low carb, high in protein with a good amount of fiber for some staying power!  The main ingredient is Coconut flour and I must say it is my favorite flour lately to bake with! 


The babies even enjoyed them! I think T ate a whole waffle himself!! 
side note: I just topped theirs with organic jelly since babes aren't supposed to have honey.

This afternoon I wasn't really wanting anything to big because I had a big dinner in mind for later. So I decided on a quick and simple protein shake to tide me over till then.

In the mix:

1.5 C. unsweetened vanilla almond milk
5-6 ice cubes
1 tbs Chia Seeds
1 tbs Ground Flax 
1 Scoop Vanilla Protein
pinch of gaur/xanthan gum
2 handfuls of spinach.

Now its almost time to make dinner! I have salmon on the menu!! 

{Lets get healthy the smart way}


We all mean to be healthy right? Its not like we are purposefully eating crap because we want to feel like shiz the next day.  And your not avoiding the gym because you "just don't have time." 

So why is going to the gym and planning to eat healthy so dang hard sometimes? 
Well, it just is. Especially at first, when your body is used to eating chemically, processed foods you begin to crave them and they seem as the only option at that time. Not only isn't it convenient but its just what you have at the time and your in a hurry. 

Stuff comes up and because you pressed snooze this morning with the promise to yourself you would hit the gym in the PM. But now you have that something else you need to do or your just plain tired already from the day and just give up and decide that watching the latest episode of Jersey shore sounds better. 
We have all been there!

 Making the commitment is the first step but following through with the will and dedication is the tough stuff.
Here are some tips to help you out!!

1.  Make a plan!, write down several goals on a post it and stick them on your mirror in your bathroom or even on your refrigerator door! (somewhere where you will always see them.) 
2. Start small. You can't expect on your first day of working out (if it's been a while) to be able to just go bust out 5 miles.  Start with some strength training! Then go for a walk/run or jump on the elliptical for twenty minutes. Go at your own pace.
3. Reward yourself- Once you reach one of those goals, take that post it off and get yourself a treat for accomplishing something so great! Like a new workout top, earrings or running shoes! 
4. Make your workout an appointment! Schedule it in your day SOMEWHERE, anywhere really. Treat it as a Dr. appointment.
5. Make it fun- Make sure your workout is fun for you enjoy! Go to a class or make a date with a friend! 
6. Prepare meals with leftovers in mind- Grill extra chicken, boil eggs, bake sweet potatoes and steam some veggies to keep in your fridge at all times along with fresh fruit and veggies for quick snacks. That way you always have something right then and don't have to turn to those "convenient processed crap".
6. Take it one step at a time- You can't expect a quick change or fast results. Losing 10 lbs overnight is not reality. Be patient and try not to become frustrated it will take time. One week to make a habit. One month to turn it into a lifestyle. 

Q. Whats your new goal? 

Q. What is something that helps inspire you to reach your fitness goal? 


  1. Where do you find Coconut Flour?

  2. I found it at smiths marketplace and I also order it Online from amazon:)