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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pinterest Motivation

So here I am again, to show my love and addiction to pinterest! It has been a great tool for some motivation lately! You can follow me on pinterest here!
Going to the gym everyday isn't easy, everyone has their days but you know if you go you will feel better. But knowing isn't always doing.. Its up to you.

get it, girl.

start with yourself! #fitspo #fitness #body
running fitness motivation

 stronger than excuses

Great motivation!

Now whats your plan today?


  1. whooooooooooop! Love it. I ran 4 miles :)

  2. You rock,I did 5 miles today. The first mile is always the hardest. My mind is saying "i'll do a mile and get back to work", but after that first mile I think "I will do a few more" and then I don't want to stop. Crazy. I love it.