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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time to bloooong!

I'm BACK from Vegas!! We had so much fun with the family, It was great to have mostly everyone together under one roof.. Crazy.. but well worth it. So I'll just give a quick recap on the trip.. cause this will already most likely be a long blog. (hence the title) get it? I'm a dork, I know.. Vegas trip run down..

Got packed up..So I have to add, that packing for a family of 4 requires SO much stuff! it ridiculous.. but you do burn more calories carrying and lifting everything to the thats a plus.

Ready to go.. I grabbed my reading material.

 7 hrs later..

 Welcome to Lake MEAD

For my workout everyday.. I finally got back to this..

and I missed it.. I couldn't complain.. it was 100 degrees and the water was GLASS! ALL DAY! 
I was in wake board heaven.
I went as hard as I could until my legs felt like lead.

We also took a "break" and I treaded water for quite some time! Not to mention the 5 kids that like to hang onto me while I was treading.. It was awesome.

After this I pulled myself back on the boat and took a power nap.. and did even more boarding

I took full advantage of that water.

The babes even enjoyed the beach for a little while (it was too hot to keep them there so daddy took them back to the house.)

After the long day on the lake.. we headed into the city for a buffet.. Yep, its tradition to hit up a buffet in Vegas. Let me just say.. that I don't love buffets.. {quality vs. quanity} I pick quality.. I would much rather pay $25 for one plate of  AMAZING food then for endless plates of food that is not so good.. But I made do.
Keeping portion sizes in check
(The small plates they had helped control that)

my plate

When at buffets I fill up on fruit, veggie and a protein. So I grabbed steamed broccoli, variety of melons and some mahi mahi, that had a a pineapple sauce. And some teriyaki chicken.

Plate 2 

 Yes, I had TWO plates.. Seafood anyone? I love it.. so I stocked on some japanese cucumber salad, sushi
 ( I just enjoyed the middle of the sushi and avoided the white rice), green beans and some shrimp and some snow crab.. I love shrimp.. and I love crab.. but was not impressed with this particular mix.. the sushi wasn't fab, the shrimp you had to peel yourself (and something about pulling the legs, shell and tail off I just don't like) and the snow crab was of course small and hard to crack, by the time you actually got the morsel of meat out, you realize that all that effort wasn't even worth it.
By this time I had a baby in each arm so their wasn't a picture op.. my apologies
They had a gelato bar which I will admit was completely delicious! I picked the sugar free chocolate gelato.. I loved it. And they even had little tiny cups that they just served you one scoop with. So portion size was controlled.. but the Mr. and I both shared  each of ours. He had cookies and cream.There were many other choices of desserts and everyone sampled a few and confirmed that.. they all looked a lot better then what they actually tasted like.

Every day on the trip I was sure to get my work out in (on top of wakeboarding) , which was different everyday, I did 30 minutes of cardio. I logged about 15 miles for the trip. The babies joined me.

running make them sleepy..


My brother in-law brought this handy dandy TRX. It was awesome. This was my first time ever using one and I must say I did enjoy it. My first time working out with it I was a little skeptical, just because it was different and a little awkward. But once I got the hang of it I got pretty sweaty.. :)
I made a video of myself doing it, to show you guys but I  can't upload it onto blogger.. so I'll have to work on that.. I found some pics online of some of the workouts you can do with it.. 

here is a video from you tube.. Seriously, I may have to purchase one of these, for those days I just don't make it to the gym. Suspension training is killer. It challenges your strength and core by using just your own body weight. I have my sources.. and can get you one for a deal if anyone is interested.  Its great if you need at home workouts! 
Anyway.. sorry to ramble.. back to the trip..

While in Vegas, I don't leave without going here..

I love lululemon.. to bad they didn't have my size in almost everything I wanted.. So I just ordered it online... :) Why do I indulge myself with such... click here.
Then we discovered.. 

We need one in utah..enough said.

since we were leaving the day we went.. I stocked up on some treats.

triple fire roasted tomato salsa
flax seed tortilla chips
pumpkin butter
Beef jerky for the Mr.
Turkey Jerky for moi.
Oh.. TJ.. I could browse your aisles forever. 
I'm excited to try the pumpkin butter on some Ezekiel bread.. prob later today for a snack
and TJ jerky is top on my list.. perfect road trip essential and it has lower sodium then the leading jerky makers. Not to mention low cals per serving and HIGH protein. Its a must have.

Tonight I am going to feast upon a delish mexican

{More to come on that later}
 (not pictured was the pretzel thins.. they were scrumptious.) 

We headed back home.. it was a fun trip! But it feels good to be home and back into routine.. the babies will appreciate it.. and I missed my comfy bed :)

and whats a better way then heading back to the gym to pound the weights


60 min of body combat
and the {clean your plate}
by GPP fitness
(this is a love hate relationship)

5 rounds for time:
25 plate cleans 25/45
25 double unders
25 burpees

my time: 37:23. I wanted to puke. 

But I came home and rewarded myself with a pumpkin shake..

This became a hit up in lake mead.. we had them EVERYDAY. Along with a few of these green monsters..

1 c. almond milk
1/2 banana
1 scoop of elite whey
1tbs of xanthan gum
and pack the spinach in.

Now for the best part of the DAY... UNPACKING..&  laundry.
I know your jealous..

Something to watch for..

*A delish healthy mexi dish.
While I was on my trip, I received several emails and such.. So I'll do a little Q & A later.

Have a fab morning!