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Monday, January 7, 2013

Rock and Row

Morning BOMers!!

Happy Monday!!

I fell asleep so fast last night so when my alarm went off at 5:15am, I was ready to go. I headed to GPP with my neighbor Kristine and my SIL Janey. Having them committed to coming the whole month of January is really helping me getting up out of my warm bed and out the door to go workout! Todays workout was a partner workout!

I love partner workouts because they leave no room for slack.



Janey, Kristine and I did it as a team of 3. So Janey and Kristine completed reps at the same time as I held a plank. We modified a little bit but made it to the end together, all red faced and sweaty! My shoulders were BURNING on the double unders!

I came home and fought the urge to crawl back into my bed and made a quick shake, because I knew if I laid back down, the soreness from the workout would set in quicker without some sort of recovery shake!

A Berry Chocolate Shake made it into my belly before tackling the rest of the day!


I have been getting a lot of emails for more quick workout ideas, Here is one to start of your week right!


Here are a few demos of the movements:

KB swings

Power cleans

OH Press

The # indicate the weight I would use! PLEASE indicate your own weight according to your own levelSmile. If you do not have a row machine accessible, sub in a run or bike!

Start your week off right! Make sure to get your workout in and clean eats!

Part of the OHC challenge this week is to drink a minimum 64 oz. water each day, I’m shooting for 96 oz.- to a gallon!

I notice the more water I drink the less stomach issues I have, so I’m going to keep up on my H2O!

I’m just starting…


Question of the day:

How much water a day do you drink?