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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paleo Snacker and GIVEAWAY WINNER!

Happy Hump day! Today was a little crazy, and by crazy I mean I am just sitting down to the computer for the first time. I ended up snacking A TON today. There was really no structure to any so called “meal.” Lets face it, there are going to be days like this every so often. That is why it pays off to keep some staples /leftovers in the fridge for quick meals!
For breakfast I had a microwave muffin topped with a few slices of banana and some blackberries. It’s the same muffin I made here- minus blueberries but plus flax seed!
After breakfast I headed straight to the gym for some Body Pump! It was a packed class! It seems the morning classes are getting fuller compared to night classes.. must be something to do with the 70 degree weather that was introduced today..
This afternoon I headed to GPP to do one of my favorite workouts!

It actually went by faster then I thought it would! 150 burpees later, I was a sweaty mess. This is a great workout, if your short on time at the gym and are craving a good sweat fest!
Post sweat I came home and snacked on 4 boiled egg whites and a whole red pepper.
We played outside for a little bit today to enjoy the sun and get our daily dose of vitamin D that has been lacking the past.. oh 6 months or so..
After playing outside for a little while, It was time for some LUNCH, I was hungry, and not really in the mood to put anything fancy together. So being the lady like person I am, I pulled some chicken out of the fridge and ate it straight from the bag.
Then I decided that a sweet potato would be needed for some extra carb energy for Body Attack.
You know who else likes sweet potatoes? Winnie the pooh.
I stuffed his face, then stuffed mine..
That lovely, totally edible blob is freshly ground almond butter! Its my absolute favorite.. mmmm.. chunky love.
After attack, I got home kind of late and was going to play it lazy and just have another shake but decided it would be best to pack in some more delicious veggies into my day!
Chicken, 1 mini cucumber, Roasted garlic green beans and butternut squash!
Oh that yellow thing. It’s a banana. I ate half.. for dessert. Then froze the rest for breakfast.. Frozen banana > plain banana.

The garlic beans and butternut squash took the show today. I even have leftovers that I packed for tomorrow!
Good thing about this whole Paleo business.. it doesn’t allow any fruit juice, gatorades, diet coke etc. etc. So water has been the go-to drink! I cant get enough… I think I drank 9 of these bottles today.. whoo hoo! Before I started the whole 30 challenge I know I wasn’t drinking enough of the good stuff! Feels good to be back on the H20 train!
Congrats Callie!!
Johnny & Callie BowersMar 18, 2012 06:18 PM
Okay, can I please just tell you what an inspiration you are! I absolutely adore your blog! Now for the yummy pb! I have been wanting to try this stuff for ages...looks so delicious! I love pb in between apple slices...with some chocolate an apple/pb sandwich! So yummy!
Please email me @ And Ill get your PB2 and some extra treats in the mail!
Q. Do you notice a decline in the P.M classes at the gym once the weather gets nice outside?
Q. What is one thing in your kitchen you could not live without? Food/appliance?


  1. I'm a new reader so I may have missed this in a previous post, but I see that for the past few days you've been eating egg whites only. Is there a specific reason that you're avoiding the yolks even though they are Paleo and Whole30 friendly? Thanks! :)

  2. I totes have been meaning to try peanut butter on a sweet potato- have seen so many tasty looking pics lately!

    P.S. I received the box of Cho yesterday- THANKS :D I packed a vanilla chocolate chip for lunch!

  3. Had my first frozen banana yesterday. I had an overripe banana that was grossing me out to eat so I mushed it a bit and froze it hoping that it would be like ice cream. Totally hit the spot! I was just wishing for some almonds in it to make it rock :)

  4. Had my first frozen banana yesterday. I had an overripe banana that was grossing me out to eat so I mushed it a bit and froze it hoping that it would be like ice cream. Totally hit the spot! I was just wishing for some almonds in it to make it rock :)

  5. I had my first frozen banana yesterday. I brought a really over ripe banana to eat for snack at work and it was grossing me out trying to eat it. So I mushed it a little and put it in the freezer hoping it would be like ice cream. Totally hit the spot! Just needed some almonds to make it rock :)

  6. I could not live without my Ktec blender. Well I guess I lived without it for a few months in 2010 during an international trip, but I was kicking myself for not bringing it with us, next time I will. It is seriously awesome - use it almost every day for my chocolate smoothies that I have about every day. :)

  7. I could not live with out my blendtec, and shaker cups. As far as food peanut butter, bananas, and green chi tea!
    I was telling my girlfriend last night about your blog and told her this " I LOVE her blog so inspiring and a great example of how to eat I just wish she would show us her grocery cart and what her staples are when she goes shopping. Also, do you do a ton of prep work on one day so you have stuff on hand all week? You should do a video of you making one of your meals!
    Regardless your blog rocks and I am super impressed and love it! Great job!