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Monday, April 18, 2011


Hey,Y'all! Sorry I was MIA this weekend! We were busy, busy. You know those weekends that you just never sit down, then all of sudden its Monday and you still have not crossed off one thing on your to-do list, but in fact you have added to it!! Start the clock!!
I have some exciting news!! FIRST- TAX SEASON IS OVER!! Can I get a woot woot! If you are a new reader my husband is an accountant and today is like better then Christmas! SECOND-- We leave on Wednesday to NY! Brents oldest brother lives in Connecticut. Its time for a little Vaca! I can't wait to see 3 of my best friends..
Our Nieces. 

Whats a vacation with a possible race, two babies, and plans.. oh.. a TRIP!!! But I'm estatic non- the less. I may possibly run this race! Also, Visit our other BF's

  And shop at H&M, LuLu and everywhere in between! While playing and spending quality time with the fam! We are excited! Don't worry, I'm working on being able to post from my phone to give you updates :) Cross your fingers.

This weekend after a family baby shower we headed out to cabelas. (My husbands Lulu)
I took this picture by the fish tank inside the store.. B loved it! Check out T's face... can you tell he wasn't to fascinated? He started crying shortly after this pic. Poor kid is afraid of fish. mmm.. and later to find out when we went through the exhibit that has a lot of stuffed deer, bears etc... that he is afraid of all animals.. 

Whats a weekend without a recipe?!
Oh.. a lot of messed up FAILED recipes.. I live and learn folks.
Fail #1 beanless hummus- used way, way to much tahini.. 
its in the works.
Fail #2 PB cookies.. Dry and I burned them. ooops.. I blame "prison break" we started watching it..(way late I know...) but I forgot to start the timer.. The dough was good though! 

Fail #3 Crackers. Like these ones.. but I still don't have the desired crunch I want. 

I will re-create these sometime soon. 
Perfection peeps. Thats what I'm going for.

But I did make some cookies.. from this recipe. Super easy! Thanks Julie!


  1. Yayyy for tax season being over! I can imagine what the weeks leading up to this day must be like for your husband. Enjoy the trip!! And yes, failed recipes stink- but I always enjoy learning from them. Have a good night :)

  2. I'm happy you have Brent back :) Have fun on your trip to NY!!

    We just started watching Prison Break a few months ago and we're already on Season 3. We like it :)