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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Q &A Round 2

Are you ready to Rumble? Hope your having a wonderful Sunday so far! Today I'm going to do
Round 2 of my Q & A will be about my pregnancy.

How did you know you were ready for a baby?

uh.. babies?

I believe every woman is different here, there are many things that influenced this life-changing decision. For me, I was done with school, I was working full-time, I had danced as a professional for an AFL team. Brent and I have been married for 2 years and have traveled around the world. My friends were pretty much on their 2nd kid. I yearned for a child when I held them and watched other moms with their own children wondering what it would be like if I had one as well. Brent and I talked about it frequently and after many prayers we felt ready to expand our family. 

Did you exercise while you were pregnant with twins?

You bet your bottom dollar. Did I feel like it all time? No. Pregnancy can make you really tired. Not like full-time gone all day tired, more like ran a marathon tired.. without even lifting a finger. BUT when I felt like that I knew the only thing I needed was to work-out and instantly I would have more energy and felt 100% better. I walked, ran, did body pump (26 wks) and body attack (20 wks) Being Pregnant with the twins I got pretty uncomfortable around week 30 and instantly took up swimming. WOW! If you are pregnant-- don't wait until your 30 weeks to get in a pool. BEST. workout. EVER.  I swam everyday, including the day I went into labor. 

How did you get pregnant with twins?

I lucked out. Well, to answer this .. I really think the question was meant to be did I do infertility treatments? Personal yes, but I'm going to answer anyway.  Brent and I tried on our own to get pregnant for almost a year. It wasn't until my annual OB visit when I brought up my concern I wasn't getting pregnant. I had a blood test done and it showed that I did not ovulate. My Doctor suggested Clomid. Some people are mislead by clomid. You always hear, Clomid raises your chance of twins by 80% .. Folks.. this is false. Clomid is simply a RX from your Doctor to stimulate ovulation.   It by any means does NOT guarantee twins or triplets. In fact most women who take clomid DO NOT have twins/triplets. Less then 20% of them do. My Grandma (on my maternal side) had twins. Therefore, genetically I got lucky. Thanks Grams. ;)

What Pre-natal pill do you recommend?

I don't recommend any certain pre-natal, Their are a million billion.. I just recommend taking them.  I only tried a few, but my favorite was called natelle. NO bad after taste. I do recommend taking folic acid in preparation to becoming pregnant, to assist in improving your future childs heart health and preventing birth defects. But always be sure to involve your own doctor before taking anything. 

When did you have your twins?
I had them on their birthday.. of course.. just kidding July 14. I was36 weeks and 5 days along. 

Day I went into labor.

Will you share your Labor Story?
The LABOR story
On July 13th 2010. I woke up and was having contractions but they weren't to bad. I just went through the day like normal, laundry, dishes, made bows and even went to lunch with some of my cousins and went and visited Brent at work. While I was there I started having contractions more frequent but again.. didn't thing much of them. I went home and watched t.v. and finished packing my bag for the hospital and the babies. I was laying on my couch and started timing my contractions. They were about 7 minutes apart but still bearable. I called Aly (step mom) and told her, She was in Bear Lake so she just told me to relax and if they get closer to go to the hospital. Brent got home that night from school at 9:30 PM and by then my contractions were uncomfortable. I decided to just take a warm bath to see if that helped. Which totally did.. I didn't want to get out of the bath.. By the time I got ready for bed, I was just laying there. I could NOT sleep. I got up and walked around, tried watching t.v and tried to get comfy on the couch. Nothing was helping and I was starting to shiver, But I wasn't cold at all. I said a prayer and got a strong feeling it was time to go to the hospital. It was close to midnight and Brent had a test he was suppose to take in the morning and I actually had a dr. appt in the morning as well. But because I was in pain and after my prayer I felt the best thing was to do was to just go and see. I thought maybe they would just stop my contractions and send me home. We got the hospital a little past midnight. My contraction were now 3 min. apart and I was still shivering uncontrollably. They admitted me and they got the sensors on the babies and the nurse checked my cervix. I was dilated to a 6 and 80% effaced. She said it was time for these babies to come!
We were so excited.. I was so scared, excited, nervous it just went by so fast! Luckily my Dr. was the one in house that night. So that was a huge relief. I got all prepped and ready. I had a
C-section (by choice). My spinal was given to me at about 1:40 a.m and the babies were here at 2:03 and 2:04 am!! I can't even describe my feelings when I heard Tanners cry and then Baylees. It is the most amazing feeling ever!
They took the babies and checked them and handed one at a time to Brent so he could show me. Then they had to take them to the NICU to have them tested and checked for a few more things. After I was all stiched up they took me to the babies. Everything looked GREAT! And they were able to come up to the hospital room with us. My dad and Mother in-law and my sister Jessica were all there waiting. It was a great to have them all there. I must say.. I have never felt so skinny in all my life.. haha!

The End. 
Get ready for round 3.
& a yummy cookie recipe :)


  1. having babies is the hardest but best thing that has ever happened to me. don't know what i did before my 3 girls, and each one has there own story... I also exercised every day with mine, (Except with my 2nd, half way thru was put on bedrest). It only made me appreciate the ability to move my body every day no matter what!

  2. Great question! Heck yes to working out- whoop whoop! I haven't done swimming yet- I need to get on that. I'm still feeling good teaching, so I hope to keep going as long as I can ;). In terms of the prenatal vitamins, they're really pushing the DHA now too. I am actually on an Rx prental with DHA. Hope you're having a good Sunday

  3. ooooh i love reading about other peoples baby stories :) I had to have an emergency c-section :( b ut at least i got a healthy baby and thats all that matters. right?

    your little darlings are SO cute. How DO you manage to work full time and work out and eat healthy?? I work full time and am so tired all the time... my workouts are PATHETIC compared to pre-baby. any advice on that one??

    also looking to get back into bathing suit shape and was SO jealous of your 6weeks postpartum pic or whatever that was. HOW do you look that good after just having twins?? youre a rock star. legit.

  4. You are SO awesome!! What made you decide to do a C Section?

  5. thank you for sharing! I must say, your babies were ALMOST born on the coolest day of the year. They were so CLOSE! (my birthday is of course July 13!)

  6. I have never had a baby and I am NO where need ready to have a baby, but I had to comment. Your babies were born the day after my birthday! I think that is amazing. When I was reading your birth story, I was trying to think of what I was doing at those times!
    p.s. I hope you dont think that is weird, but my birthday is my favorite day of the year! :D

  7. What did you have to do to be certified to teach your fitness classes?

  8. hi! i just started a twin blog ( and would love for you to check it out. i am a runner (competitive during my BYU days, but now just for fun)... i had twins when my son was 19 months old... so, i now often run pushing my triple stroller!