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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

sleep tight.

A miracle happened today people. T & B slept through the night!! Not only did they sleep through the night but B woke up at 9 and T didn't make a peep till 9:30!!!
Since they were 6 weeks old they slept through the night.

 I'm lucky I know.. AND THEN they got sick...

a few months ago they both had bronchiolitis and they would both wake up miserable and hungry. So I would feed them and rock them back to sleep.. of course they would wake up at different hours throughout the night.. making one tired mom and dad. And I think it just started a bad habit of wanting to eat in the middle of the night.. B more so then T. But I don't function well on no sleep.. something had to be done.
You see, my babies have been on a schedule since day one, when we first introduced rice cereal at about 5 months

 I would just give it to them at night and they would sleep all night and be happy and content. Now that they are 9 months (tomorrow..eeek!) I decided maybe lets start feeding them more baby food and oatmeal at each of their meals including the meal before bed + a bottle.

It worked like a charm! Well, Cross your fingers they do the same tonight!
I make my babies food, Bananas, peas, sweet potatoes, applesauce, mangos, blueberries etc. using this fun little contraption. AKA The Kid Co.
I got it as a gift from a neighbor and don't know what I would do without it!! (thanks Debbie!) It is quick and really simple to use! And its not very expensive like other baby food blenders. 

they both seem to love it to. The bottom part comes off and you put the food inside and then stick the bottom back on and turn the handle around till all the food is in the top bowl! 

sweet potatoes!

They love it, but also get a little distracted sometimes... give mom back that spoon!

So I'm going to continue to feed them baby food at each meal in hope of a full nights rest. We deserve it. 


  1. HOORAY for sleep! I can't imagine what the sleep patterns are like for twins. Love your baby food maker.Josh's Mom got me the one from Williams Sonoma- I'm super excited!

  2. That is Huge! T&E have been taking turns being sick and T has decided that 2:30 is a good time to finally sleep and E thinks that 5:30 is a good wake-up time. I am hoping that now all the sickness is gone we can go back to our happy schedule of sleeping from 7-7 with 2 good naps!!!

  3. Hooray for a good night's sleep!! And I LOVE my baby food masher....I have one just like you. I looked all over in Utah to find one, but was SO glad I did!! :D

  4. We had the same baby food grinder and LOVED it.

    One great suggestion someone gave me was to steam a ton of veggies at a time, puree them in a food processor and put it in ice cube trays to freeze. Then label a gallon ziplock bag and just pull a few cubes out at a time and heat them up when you need some food for the kiddos. This saved my life. I could spend one day cooking all kinds of fresh baby food for her (green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc) and then not worry about making a huge mess at each mealtime.

  5. Good Idea cassidy! Im going to do that for sure!! cause it is tough to clean that thing 3x a day ;)