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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Trip Re-cap!

Yay!! I'm back!!! It feels good to relax and kick back with all you as I type of this fancy post.
We had a wonderful little Vaca! We spent it in CT with Brents Brothers family. We played, shopped,

 ate, worked out, watched pretty much the whole 1st season of prison break ( I know.. we are behind), laughed, shopped some more and just didn't stop.
It was our first time taking the twins on the airplane. Wow, let me just tell you that I'm pretty sure we were blessed with the best babies ever. They made it pretty easy.. I was nervous for nothing. But I did learn a few things.

1. Take stroller... we had those little backpack things but standing so long in lines was a little rough. Maybe, I just feed them to much food?
2. Do not have babies wear shoes going through security.. yes, they make you take OFF your babies shoes... idiots.
3. Have babies suck on something as the plane ascends and descends. Worked wonders.
4. Mum-mums, and puffs were the perfect treat.
5. Don't get a cup... or any drink for that matter.. You can't get it far enough away from little hands.
6. Old ladies do NOT like to sit next to babies.. PS. She ended up sitting next to the biggest, smelliest man on the plane. Serves her right.. Who wouldn't want to sit next to this...?

7. Family pass security. love it... seeeeee ya.. mile long line. But it didn't make up for the whole remove your babies shoe thing..
8. Baby Einsteins DVD was a life saver! (thanks Lauren!)
9. If I could sit in the front every flight I would.. It was great to be able to put him on the floor for a little bit.
10. Changing tables in the lavatory.. who knew?

Taking twins on a airplane is no easy task. But it was an adventure that we learned from and will never forget..
Easter was SO fun, I was a little sad to miss my families annual egg hunt, and easter dying fun. Yes, I'm married and have two kids..  but my grandma puts money in the eggs! You would hunt to. I know it.
But this year being in CT with this cute family was worth it.
These little girls are so full of energy and spunk. I love them all SO much. Lori and Kenny are great parents, We learned so much from their example of great parenting skills! 
Lori is a master chef, I am sure. For Easter she made an AMAZING dinner!
the spread.

my plate! 
Au gratin potatoes w/ sweet potatoes
Roasted Veggies!
+ dessert! 

We got to go hunt for eggs! At one of their neighbors house. It was a party! They had fruit, bagels, and HOT chocolate! (It was a chilly day) 

my boys

the hunt.
Tanner finding his first egg!

Easter morning!!! B & T dug right into their baskets!! 

Love me some mr. bunny.

She loves Easter!

In fact.. we ALL love easter!

Family pic.. (maybe I should of brushed up a bit..? ) 

As fun as vacations are, I'm happy to be home! Back to schedules and normalcy..Okay, well.. attempting the getting back on schedule thing was a little rough today.. hence the reason I haven't blogged all day.. not to mention mt. laundry that I'm still working on.. But, I hit it off right today by this GPP workout and teaching Body Pump X2! yep, I'm sore... but gotta make some mula.. since Thursday after class we are LEAVING once again.. Back to Moab!! New readers..don't get used to all this vacationing.. and vets, I'm taking the laptop, we are staying in a house with wi-fi (I hope) so I won't get behind on the bloggy!
Lori made some amazing no bake granola bars. And gave me permission to post it on here for you all! Seriously, They were amazing!! PB.. do I evenneed to explain!? Recipe tomorrow! 
Night, Night! After an episode of Prison break of course... 


  1. So glad everything worked out well :) I will be looking to you for tips when we take our baby on her first plane ride!! The pictures of the kiddos are adorable! Love B's dress in the family pic

  2. So I'm reading your post and see the pic of Lori and Kenny and I just didn't realize u married a bement! I grew up with Kenny we were in the same ward for awhile- your hubby is a bit younger so I don't remember him as well,but I knew Lori and Kenny! Too funny small world- looks like u had a great trip! Tell them Sid Lawson (used to be McGregor) said hi!

  3. looks like a fun trip! As usual, your kids are so stinkin cute!

  4. If you and I are ever on a plane together, I will sit next to your kids. Heck, I'll sit between them!
    Sounds like a good time was had!

  5. The kids look so adorable and like they had a BLAST!!!!

    Your clothes look so cute! Can't wait to wear cute clothes again :-)

  6. LOVE tanners darling vest;) As always love the recipes! You are the best.