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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shopping Spree


Workout: 1 mile run with fam, GPP, Body Pump

Did I shop today?

Sure did.

Did I spend more then I should of?

You know it.

Ooops. My husband was totally okay with it to. Just okay….

I promise it was all essentials.

I’m leaving for RRR in the morning and had to pick up a few last minute things for the race.

New running shoes:


Body Glide, Compression Capris, Socks, and a new running belt (Mine got stolen last week Sad smile)


Ok, the socks may have been an impulse buy.


But this lulu top.. totally an essential.


Oh, and my costume.


You are just going to have to wait to see this whole shebang later!

This is going to be a fun race, in which I still have to pack for and I have to teach in the AM. Early… too early.

I’m calling it a night!


Q. What are your running essentials?


  1. ahhhh! Have fun! Those running shoes look just perfect ;)

  2. haha NICE running shoes ;-)

    running essentials - my spi belt and my garmin!

  3. Thanks so much for checking out my blog! My running essentials are good socks and my ipod!

  4. I want pics of you running in those. NO. I want pics of all of you running in those!