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Friday, October 1, 2010


 Today we said goodbye to a wonderful wife, sister, grandma, my babies great grandma and a MOTHER. The Misters Grandma past away after years of health problems and a sudden fight with cancer. 
She will be missed. 

I got my workout done early this morning. Well sort of.. I pressed snooze about 3 times before I rolled out of bed.. baby B was not the best sleeper last night so needless to say I was exhausted. But I headed to the gym regardless.. just planning on taking a nap later.. which of course didn't happen.. I was late to Body combat.. so I decided to just do my own w.o. and it went a little something like this..
1 mile warm up run on the tread 11:13(again.. it took me a little bit to get going this morning!) 

10 pull ups
20 pushups 
3 X

Bicep curls inside 20 lbs 12 reps
hanging leg raises 20
Bicep curls outside 20lbs 12 reps
3 X

Then a little GPP

50 sit ups
50 high sumo 25/35
1 mile run
50 sit ups
50 high sumo
1000 m row
for time
I forgot to start my timer..ugh.. but I'm estimating less then 30 min..cause I was in & out in 1 hour

I love GPP, Niel Anderson is the genius behind it, But because I live to far from his gym, but I love his workouts, they are challenging & effective, so if you live in the bountiful/centerville area go try it out! Or if you can just check the website for the daily workout:)
& today the bar got the best of my shin during high sumos..It drew blood! cool, eh?It really just makes me look tough right?!


Breakfast was just the same choco shake from yesterday with some Ezekiel toast 
lunch was super late due to the funeral, I skipped out on the funeral potatoes and came home to make this

I swapped the funeral potatoes for a sweet potater w/ hummus
grilled chicken
red & orange pepper strips w/ hummus
seasoned w/ Mrs. Dash

Dinner was not photographed but it consisted of the left over mexi meal

Snacks throughout the day
Gala w/ some cinnamon love
& 5 egg whites & a handful of carob chips :) 

have a good night: ) I'm off to study Body pump for class tomorrow & hang out with my beautiful sister, she is sleeping over with me tonight cause mister is out of town:) love her!

Happy Friday!