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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bowling away the Winter Blues

I’m pretty sure winter is never going to end here…


Its been two days straight of this white stuff. My summer self is really craving the sun.

Bonus: I get to shovel! I strangely have fun doing it, Kind of like a bonus workout but you get to make a igloo to lay down in at the end! Winking smile

Main reason why I am really not loving this white stuff…


I keep getting stuck on the treadmill.. I know, I KNOW I should just woman up and dress for winter running and get out there but I kid you not, it was a WHITE OUT today. I don’t mind running in light snow… but 30mph winds and snow coming from every which direction… eh. No thanks.

I’m worried my early spring marathon is going to be a late winter marathon… I also don’t love being cold while racing… really

I also taught this jazz today.


The lunge track was by far my fav! LOVE that burn!

Since the snow still hasn’t stopped, I took the twinners bowling for the first time!

They loved it! A little crazy, in the taking turns aspect- but overall they did great and Bee even got a strike! Future bowling prodigy, I tell ya.



Iphones take best pictures…

The people in the lane next to us didn’t so much.. Tanner kept running over into their lane to watch his ball hit the pins. It was pretty darn cute!

Question of the Day:

Body Pumpers: What do you think of Body Pump 85?

Bowlers: What is your screen name when bowling? I always feel like I should be creative with it..

California dwellers: Can I come live with you?


  1. ugh! Hope the snow goes away! SO fun that you took them bowling! I haven't even look at 85 yet! We're not launching until April so..

  2. eeek too much snow for my liking!

    oooh, bowling is fun - I've only ever went once with a group of guy friends..and they put ridiculously vulgar names, so we're not even gonna go there! haha!

    I love BodyAttack, but never got the confidence to go to Bodypump yet!

  3. I don't know how BodyPump is handled universally, but at my gym here (Singapore), we spend 3 weeks on the new release, then transition to a mix of old and new tracks. We started 85 back before Christmas, so I honestly can't remember every track. But if I'm remember correctly, the second legs track (with the jumps and squat jumps at the end?) is a KILLER.

  4. bodypump is purely wonderful! i go 2-3 days a week. and i must say the new shoulders track is my fav! that song definitely pumps me up:)

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