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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Intermediate Circuit

Hey guys!

So Monday, I taught a 60 minute boot camp class and I received a few emails to share the workout I threw at them. You ask? You receive!!

This workout is ROUGH! It takes 45-50 minutes to complete. If you are craving a nice long sweat session or just need it for sanity reasons because your kids spit chocolate milk all over your beige carpet (what, just me?)

Then this is the workout for you.


If you need to know what a movement is, search it up on youtube. I would connect links but its far to late for any of that shenanigans. Each person used a 35-50 pound bar for the thrusters, back squats, and high sumos! I will leave that up to you. Winking smile

I am on my 3rd day of burst which means this is pretty much what I ate and have been eating the past 2 days.

My sandwiches seem to get a little taller each day though…


I’m ready for tomorrow that is for sure!! 2000 calories come to mama!

My workout today?



x2. I did it twice once, as written and the second with 34 kb swings for a birthday celebration, even though I swear she is only 25. Winking smile WOD’s are the best way to celebrate any Birthday right?!

Happy Birthday Amy! 

THREE things you might want to know…

Body of a Mother is going to be under construction for a bit! I have something new coming up and I’m excited to share it with you when the time is right. AKA. as soon as I figure out all this techno stuff that makes me crazy. Your going to love it! I will still be posting regularly and all that jazz so no stress. Smile

If you want to win some free Fitmixer?? Like a 100 serving size bag!! Comment on the GPP website  and a winner will be chosen 2/21/13! All you have to do is say Hi!

My blonde, and much shorter friend started a blog! Check her out here!

That’s all for tonight! Catch ya on the flip side.

Oh let me know if you try that workout!

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  1. hahha... I love your description of your friend as blonde and shorter. I think I've been described this very way before. AWESOME workouts