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Monday, February 18, 2013

Back from a hiatus, accept my apologies with cookies.

Hey guys!! long time no blog.
I took the weekend off of blogging, which was a good break from trying to pretend I’m cool all the time and literally shut down my computer and just hung out with fam.
I was attacked by some crazy virus on Friday, which resulted in a cold sore the size of bouncy ball on my face. I got all hopped up on L-lysine and it took that sucker right down. But it also made my right eyelid swollen.. weird. So I kind of resembled Quasimodo for 2 days. All is well now! (knock on wood)
Friday I took off from GPP, and ran 5 miles in the dark cinema room to hide my lip from the world. Haha! I’ve never ran in the cinema before, it was kind of fun running and watching a movie. 
I looked like a duck. Seriously, it had its own heartbeat, I’m sure!
Saturday I taught Body Pump--- like a duck, and actually ran outside on actual pavement, not snow!! It was a short and slow run because I was, and still am sore from “heartcha”. Honestly, I don’t think my hamstrings will ever be the same. But it was glorious to be out running in the sun on the pavement in 32 balmy degrees.
Okay, maybe not the 32 degree part, but for the winter we have had--- it was an all time high.
Suns out quads out! Haha! P.S. Why does everyone take pictures of their feet? I guess I’m a cool kid now. Winking smile
Sunday was a rest day and I have never been so happy to take a rest day.
Fully complete with a snowball fight.
snow ball fight in high heels is not recommended.
I even made cookies in high hopes they would heal my sore hamstrings.
I think they helped.
I got the recipe from a friend, who sent it via text so I’m not 100% sure where its from… I changed it a little bit though with what I actually had on hand and this is what resulted.

It made 10 small cookies, they were delicious and I wanted to eat all 10 but settled with 2. These are packed with fat burning fat. But with that said.. don’t eat all 10 in one sitting. They are pretty caloric, but that’s all relative. Winking smile
I’m still following the burst diet, and really enjoyed my high calorie day!
Today, started off at GPP with this workout
Then I taught a boot camp class at Golds, It was intense and very intermediate. They all killed it! Would you like that workout??
When I finally got home I was ready for lunch!
I made a turkey patty out of some extra lean ground turkey and made a self proclaimed burger with spinach, avocado and onion.
Then after “nap-time”
It was off to Body Attack then home for dinner!
Simple and easy.
Did you run outside this weekend?
When did your kids stop napping? (if you have kids…)