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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Portions of Raw Fruits and Vegetables

This week in the OHC (Optimal Health Challenge). Part of the challenge is to eat 5 fruits and 5 vegetable servings per day.

What exactly is an equivalent  portion size of fruits or vegetables?

Instead of having to Google every single one, I compiled a list using this as a reference as a guide to making these charts.


I have always loved fruits! I have no problem consuming fruit on a daily basis! But I ‘m picky about it. the fruit can’t be too ripe or not so ripe…

Raspberries are my absolute favorite! I can easily down a whole container in a day. (I don’t- but I could if I wanted.) So I guess its safe for me to admit that eating TOO much fruit in one day is something I struggle with.

Watching portions on fruits are important!


If you think an apple from costco (that is the size of your face) is one serving. Your mistaken. All fruits from Costco are ginormous really…Best bet is to watch your portions by measuring them out!

Tropical fruits are high in sugar. So if your juicing 2 bananas, grapes, mangos with some pineapple juice, you could of easily just downed over 75 grams of sugar!

Lately, I have just been consuming grapefruits and frozen berries per my THF plan and I only get one serving of each a day.(Yes, I measure it out!) This was a huge step for me at first, because I realized just how many servings of bananas I was eating with almond butter everyday!

I love making my shakes with frozen berries and nothing gives them that creamy, milkshake texture like a frozen banana!




Vegetables used to be the hardest for me to eat. I LOVE fruit and have no probably grabbing an apple on my way out the door. The problem with avoiding vegetables is that they are the most health-promoting food on the planet. They are full of fiber, antioxidants and other phytochemicals that are very beneficial to our bodies.

Were you born a veggie hater?

I don’t think so. But I do think we can gain some negative veggie experience from when you were a kid. Were you ever forced to eat your vegetables? You couldn’t leave the table without choking down that last bite of broccoli?

I attribute my hate for carrots because of this. I just don’t love them. They are probably my least favorite vegetable on the planet. (Next to beets because they are just not good in anyway.) To this day I try to avoid them!

Maybe you did some dumb fad diet that forced you to eat a certain vegetable day in and day out and now you just can’t stand it.

For whatever reason, lets see if we can add a little color to your plate!

Here are some tips to see if we can add more veggies in easily!

#1 Throw a handful of spinach in your shake!

You can’t taste it and you still reap the benefits. I hear you can even do carrots and you can’t taste them either! I am for sure going to give that a try!

#2 Make a salad!


Salads are always a sure fire way to get all the recommended servings of veggies in! I even make salad jars sometimes when I know I will not be home. Get an old pasta jar, put dressing in the bottom and layer it with your veggies! When its times to eat, just shake it and eat it!

#3 As soon as you get home from the store wash and cut them and separate them into plastic baggies.

So instead of going for a bag a chips you have your veggies easily accessible. Which are also great on-the-go!

#4 Buy a veggie tray!

Stick the tray right eye level with you in your fridge! When you open it, it’s the first thing you see! That way,you can grab a handful each time you open the fridge.

#5 Dip it!

Most raw vegetables are great vehicles for hummus, plain Greek yogurt (even can be flavored with a bit of a ranch packet!), Nut butters. I think dips make it a bit easier to enjoy raw veggies!

I love vegetables now and have them in almost every single meal throughout the day!

Question of the day?

What is your favorite fruit and vegetable?

Any you actually despise?


  1. I LOVE cauliflower and broccoli crazily enough and always have. And in naughty but I consider veggies without a dip yucky so to get myself to eat them a good low fat ranch or even better spicy ranch I indulge in.

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