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Sunday, July 15, 2012

SVH & the twins are TWO!

We got to Thayne, Wyoming just in time before packet pickup closed on Friday.
I got my packet and was geared and ready to run.
I decided late Friday night that I shouldn’t run the half. I am still dealing with my injured quad and last week during runs I am starting to have pain with my right foot as well. Possible bunion? So, after much debate, with friends and family I decided to give up this race. Giving up the race was hard for me because I really was looking forward to this small town fun run for awhile now. I knew if I would of ran it I could of injured myself even more and probably prevent me from running any other races for the rest of the season. There is always next year. It was a good idea to pass it up, heal and recover, besides I had an even better idea… 
I asked Brent if he would like to run it. I surprised when he said yes. Actually,  I was really excited he would do it!
We woke up at 5:30 loaded up the “toddlers” ----> I guess I can’t call them babies anymore?!
It was a perfect morning!
Race start was 7 AM and our cabin was about 30 minutes away. I was able to drive Brent to the starting line. The race starts in the canyon in the Grover park, and runs right into Thayne Wyoming.
The Star Valley Marathon was created in remembrance of Jeremy Kunz, who was killed by a drunk driver. You can read more about it here.  This was only the second year of the race. It is a small race in a small town, with amazing views and perfect weather. It had rained the night before after a long, hot week and the starting line was about 65 degrees, there was a sprinkle of rain during the race.
Every mile marker there was a picture of Jeremy, the aid stations were supportive and at every 3-4 miles with water and a sports drink. Mile 8 had orange slices and bananas.
Can you believe how beautiful it is?!
The road was not closed for the race, so after I dropped Brent off I headed back to take a different route and do a drive-by shout out. I caught him at mile 6 and mile 12. The twins got so excited when they saw him running by!
I hurried to the finish line and got there just in time to run through the finish line with Brent!
He DID it!! Official times aren’t posted yet and the gun timer wasn’t working correctly but the Garmin said 1:58! For his very first half marathon! I couldn’t be more proud of him for taking this on with such short notice and little to no running since Wasatch back. He is an amazing Mountain Biker and that is his passion so cardio wise he said he felt great, his feet just got tired. He looked strong the whole time.
Bee even got to wear the “necklace”.
Great Job Babe!!!
Hopefully, one day we can do one together! You know what they say.. “The couple that runs together, stays together.” Ha ha! Brent enjoyed the run and feels great! A little sore but nothing unexpected.
After the race we headed home to celebrate these two little munchkins! After a nap of course.

We spent some time in the boat, out to eat and home for cake!
I love these babies toddlers SO much! I can’t believe it has been two years since I had them. They are growing so fast and are the happiest kids I know! (Most of the timeWinking smile)


  1. The twins photo shoot- ah! So cute! Congrats to the man- way to step up. And a big pat on the back to you for doing the right thing for your body! You have such a fabulous family :)

  2. Happy Birthday to the twins! Sooo cute! Congrats to your hubby too! Have a great day!

  3. Congrats to Brent!! And happy birthday to your cute kiddos!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your 2 two years olds. It is a fun time with two 2 year olds:)

  5. Uhh..Such great twins. :) They are very adorable.