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Monday, October 18, 2010

poop monday..

Good Morning Everyone!! Hope you all entered the giveaway!! Winners announced tonight!! So be sure to get your entries in!! I also got some good feed back on my last post about stressing over the scale # glad you all liked it ;)
So this morning started off just grand.. The Mr. woke up and fed both babies all by himself! I love when he does that so I am able to get a little bit more shut eye. What a guy..right?!  
Anyway the babies woke up again to eat so I fed them this time and I was snuggling with bee and she started doing her little grunt and had her poop face on.. I sat her down to do her thing and picked up T to burp him and then it was diaper changing time.. I took Bee in and this was the result..

hence the title.. poop monday...
But don't worry it didn't ALL get on me..

It was bound to happen.. ;( 

I got both babies changed and swaddled and back down for nappy time and I did the 

Shout...shout, SHOUT it all out.. these are the things I can do without..
C'mon... pooooop come out!!!

I jumped in the shower to clean off.. Yes, I did feel the warmth against my skin..
By the time I got the clothes in the washer, the couch clean.. me clean I was starving!! 
Time for breakfast!
I replenished my pumpkin supply.. 

*1/2 cup of old fashioned oats
*heat up in microwave for 1 minute with water.
*generous amount of pumpkin (2 heaping spoonfuls)
*an insane amount of cinnamon!
*a dash of nutmeg
*1/2 scoop of nilla protein powder
*1 tbs of agave nectar for sweetness
*and topped with Almonds and Carob chunks ;)

I ♥ this mix.. perfect breakfast for fall 


No--- I am not Pregnant .. hehe.

WE are MOVING!!! 
I wanted to wait to share the news because its been quite the process and I wanted to be sure it was going to happen! But the Mr. & I have purchased our 2nd home.. We live in a condo right now.. love it.. but with 2 bedrooms and 2 kids we grew out of it right away..

I'm totally stoked


She is a beauty yes?!
I am so excited to have more space, a basement a family room, walk-in closets.. and not to mention a fabulous kitchen!!!! I can't wait!! 
We close Thursday! So I'm not sure how much blogging is going to happen this weekend.. with trying to get settled and get internet established.. But home updates to come ;)
So does anyone have any moving advice?! I am a crazy organizer so it takes me FOREVER to get all packed up.. SO any helpful tips are welcome! 
I have moved several times but not really into my own house.. I've always just had to worry about my room.. 
So PLEASE share!!! 

I am working a a fabulous new website for thebodyofamother.. 
we will be .com baby! 
It will be much easier to navigate around and everyone can post comments there and I will be able to post back :)
*Its under construction* 
I got my hard hat on..

I'll let you know when its ready for stalking;)

{Plan for the day}

Put new playlist on my iphone (coming soon)
Practice for class tonight (ATTACK tonight 5:30 be there)
Start to pack...
Bathe babies
trim their nails.. (anyone else HATE doing this..)
Possibly paint my nails.. (I took off my polish-- time to redo-but I can never NOT mess them up)
Teach class
Watch Modern Family (Its a must)

P.S the UTES are ranked 9th in the polls.. can I hear a ki yi?!

See you tonight to announce the winners of the 


  1. the picture isn't showing, i'm dying to see it!

  2. weird.. its showing on my computer?! Ill try editing it & posting it again!

  3. Boy, these are great diapers! Plus, they are double the size of the regular packs of diapers (exactly) and it just makes it easier to have one this size and fill up your diaper stacker than it is to have a zillion of the smaller packs. I love having enough diapers for a week and since these are size 1, you go through them like candy!