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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Hell-Fire Challenge

Hey, Everyone! Congrats to the winners of the giveway! I had a fun time doing it and lots of entries! So way to go to those who won! I enjoyed it so much.. I'm already starting to think about the next one ;)

My Workout today was BODY ATTACK, It was a great class, I had a few new people join in today and they did an amazing job!! Way to GO!! I'm proud of ya ;)

After my workout I enjoyed a peach guava shake on my way out the door,
(no pic, but trust me on this one.. it was like a summery heaven) cause I had to be speedy to meet up for dinner at  Kobe Sushi! If you haven't been there yet, It is delish.. (my only complaint.. is they don't have brown rice..) Anyone have a favorite sushi place that has it?
I ordered the ALOHA roll.. It was delicious as always..
But the Mr. makes fun of me cause I am a ding bat with chopsticks and I totally tear apart my food.. I try to not eat the white rice.. call me crazy.. Here are a few of the rolls we shared with the table ;)
 My Aloha Roll
The Misters Vegas Roll
& my personal favorite.. edamame.. but please hold the salt..

Anyway.. we actually went to watch my brave brother in-law dominant the

The guy on Man Vs. Food was here!! 

First.. Let me lay this out for you.. The hell fire challenge  it costs $19.95 to start and consist of 1 roll at a level 6 intensity for a "warm up" Then its on to the "challenge" Level 7 intensity and you have to eat 7 pieces of the roll! They only bring out two at a time cause most people whine out.. It's EXTREMELY hot.. I could tell by the look on his face. AND the tears in his eyes!
(The last time we were at this place a guy was doing this and had to keep running out cause he was puking ALL over!) sick.. PS they make you sign a waiver before you start! and they make sure you have health insurance! promising huh?..
Anyway.. BUBS DID IT!! We couldn't believe it!! What a stud huh?! sorry.. ladies he is taken..
They bring the beginning of the challenge out like this..

He made it look easy..
But really he said he was dying inside.. and he felt like he couldn't breathe but was...?

The chef told us its made with chili seeds but wouldn't say what kind.. "its secret ingredient"

*The body of a bubba*

You win a T-shirt and some Ice cream if you win!

Bubs was the 1,046 to take the challenge and the 56th Person to actually complete it!! WHAT!!? that means like almost a thousand people failed!! 
now he deserves respect
.. bow to your sensi ..

This is number one.. Not healthy for your body in anyway.. 
Two.. Only CRAZY brave people attempt this thing..
three I didn't even eat any of it.. well one.. its not healthy for your body.. and two I'm not crazy..brave

But you have to admit.. its impressive.

Questions For You!

1. What is your favorite sushi roll or place?

2. Have you ever taken up a food challenge?

Let me know! I'd love to hear your story! 


  1. Oh wow I don't think I could even do one piece of that roll. Ugh. I love california rolls and Mars rolls. It like a California with tempura fried shrimp in it instead of crab with tuna and avacado on the outside. There is also the crunchy roll which is a california roll where the top has crunchy tempura and some kind of sweet sauce on the bottom.

  2. My favorite sushi roll is a Philadelphia. Salmon, avocado, and a little cream cheese. I'm allergic to shell fish so I stick Salmon, tuna, and veggies. My favorite sushi place is Mikado. It's now by Costco in Bountiful. :)

  3. I love how you put "The Body of A Bubba" that's great! Awesome blog Cander!