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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So, I have come up with a challenge for myself, I got actually got the idea from another blog, and thought to myself.. why not?! Are you ready for this.. 101 Goals in 1001 Days! So, You make a list of 101 things you want to accomplish, Put the list somewhere where you will see it every day. It could be an activity of something you want to do for the first time or something you would like to do again, something you want to make, somewhere you want to go, and my favorite is something that may make you a better individual then who you were before. Share your list with people, so you feel obligated to do it. Be realistic, but challenge yourself too!
Here is my list:
1. Lose 10 lbs (this is my baby weight plus a little extra)
2. Make ruffles for a shirt.
3. Organize a coupon book
4. Make a delicious healthy dinner 3 times in 1 week
5. Donate for a special cause.
6. Run a 5k
7. Start training for another 1/2 marathon
8. sign up and complete another 1/2 marathon
9. Put an offer on a house sept 212010
10. MOVE oct 21 2010
11. Read to my Babies everyday for 2 weeks.
12. Jump the wake on a wakeboard.
13. Pick up another class to teach at the gym.
14. Talk to a friend I haven't talked to for awhile on the phone! no fb/blog/IM/email.
15. Come up with a family motto and hang it in our home
16. Read the BOM again.
17. Pray every night for a month
18. Make a family dinner and take it to their house.
19. Make somebody's day better
20. Actually do my visiting teaching for 2 months (hey, this is realistic)
21. Visit my husband at work at least 1 time a wk. for a month
22. Drink 2 liters of water for 3 days straight.
23. Refrain from gossip for one month.
24. Give a compliment to my husband each day for a week.
25. Treat myself to a manicure.
26. Make cookies for neighbors
27. Support brothers by going to at least 3 of their games
28. Take first family vacation
29. Finish my thank you cards for babies
30. Send out babies announcements
31. Fly on a plane
32. Say I love you everyday
33. Write encouraging words to someone in need.
34. Learn a new body pump release
35. Learn a new body attack release
36. Squat my body weight at least 3x.
37. Clean bathrooms once a week for a month.
38.Buy a new couch.
39. Sell our Condo we decided to rent it.
40. Have a slumber party at my house with my siblings.
41. Read the ensign this month
42. Find a quote of the day everyday for a week.
43. Find a scripture of the day everyday for a week.
44. Make a etsy acct to sell my flowers.
45. Get over 30 followers on my blog
46. Buy a trampoline.
47. Plan and celebrate a birthday bash.
48. Repaint a room
49. Decorate a room.
50. Buy a treadmill
51. Mow a lawn
52. Plant a garden.
53. Make a piece of jewlery I'll actually wear.
54. Make my own cards for people.
55. Get Family pictures taken
56. Help someone move.
58. Pay for a professional massage
59.Go on a vacation with just my husband.
60. Go on a Cruise
61. Go on girls only trip.
62. Talk in church
63. Bear my testimony.
64Get a.  new calling
65. Meet a new friend
66. Write in my journal everyday for 2 weeks straight.
67. Avoid refined sugar for 2 weeks.
68. NO soda for 1 month.. not even a sip.
69. Create a scrapebook for the babies.
70. Be in a wedding.
71. Visit the temple once a month for 3 months consecutivley
72. Plan meals for a week.
73. Try a new recipe
74. Make homemade whole wheat bread
75. Catch a fish
76. Kiss in the rain
77. Play volleyball on the beach
78. Enjoy a pina colada on the beach
79. Swim with Dolphins
80. Cheer for a winning team
81. Plan a fun get together
82. Roast marshmallows/smores
83. Get my abs back
84. Enter a contest
85. Certify for combat
86. Get into cycling
87. Buy a road bike
88. Go to a Rodeo
89. Go to 2 concerts
90. Go to Jazz game
92. Take babies down a slide!
93. Buy a new bed
94. Complete a crossword puzzle.
95. Visit a new temple.
96. Make dinner for missionaries.
97. learn to wakeskate.
98. Go snorkeling
99. Gamble in a slot machine.
100. Go to a broadway show.
101. Cross out everything on this list!

So, there is my goal list, all things I aspire to acheive in the next 1001 days!!
Wheres your?!