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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dr. Appointment

I had my 6 week check after having the babies, Oh.. the joy.. Who really loves going to see the OB anyway!?. honestly, I do. Well, not the whole exam thing, or cervix checking thing, but I love the office and the nurses and most of all, my Dr. He is just great, He listens to everything you and your husband have to say, answers ?s to a capital T and is just a genuine guy, and not to mention does the best Cesareans to boot. Great Pregnancy= Great recovery.
So you know at every appt. while your pregnant they take your BP and your weight.. and of course I never looked at it.. mainly because she was fast at getting it before I could figure it out.. and because I was pregnant with twins and expected to gain a trillion pounds. But yesterday I checked out my chart. Here are my final stats.
My weight at my first appt. after I found out I was pregnant (10 weeks) was 159lbs..
It continued to climb to a blistering 184 the day I was in labor.
Total = 29lbs. (well 40 if you count from my pre preg. weight)
My weight today = 149.
Pre pregnancy average weight = 145
I think I gained most of my weight my first trimester!! Am I sad about my pregnancy wieght gain? heck no, I had two babies. I'm content.
Goal weight. 140. But really, I don't want to focus so much on my weight as I do my tone and lean muscle. I miss that. My baby "love" will transform... into muscle with time.
We all know muscle weighs more then fat, so with that being said. Its time to hit the gym and enjoy the bit of summer we have left. Running outside anyone?

The Dr. was pleased with my recovery and was pleased to see 2 happy and healthy babies. Everything looked or should I say "felt" good.. ew..anyway, I was given the get go to return to my pre pregnancy lifestyle. Lets get ready to WORK! (even though I had already half way returned.)
I celebrated Saturday morning teaching pump.. SUPER HEAVY SATURDAYS are BACK!! And I can honestly say. Pregnancy made me stronger.. but my abs are weaker. Ha! So next week..
Be there.
Q. Do you love Body Pump?
Yes.. I love it.. every second.
Q. Whats your favorite workout?
Anything that has to do with group fitness, I just feed off the energy in the room!
Q. Who wants to start a running group?
I'm going to start training. who's in????
Leave your answers in a comment :)


  1. I seriously wish I had money to come to your body pump class. You look amazing!

  2. Candice, I just love you! You are too look freaking amazing, way to go girl! Where are you running at? I would love to join ya...maybe Saturdays? Since we live opposite sides of the valley( I live in Herriman..kinda by Deb)