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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

{..6 weeks..}

I went from this...
To 6 weeks..
Well, I got some work to do.. But thats why I started this blog.. right?! Its been exactly
6 weeks since I had my sweet babies. I have my Dr's appointment on Friday to get the go ahead to pick up my normal fitness regime.. In which I will be sharing with all of you each day, Also, I will be starting a food journal, so I'll be sharing what I put in my mouth everyday, I will not however, be on a restricted strict diet.
#1 because I am breast feeding and need to keep the milk a flowin..
#2 I think strict diets are absolutley absurd.
But I will be eating a healthy, balanced diet, that I think anyone could benefit from. I hope in doing this it will motivate me to help me get rid of this baby "love". I really think after having your babies it makes you even stronger then you were before. I'm going to do it.. and you can to!!!


  1. no offense but seriously... i hate you. ok ok not really I don't hate you at all but you make me want to go stuff my fat face with a lard filled donut and sit my large behind on the couch and blog stalk all day while my chubby fingers manuver the mouse.
    its amazing how good you look... and so sad how fat I look. lets me be honest... i am so discouraged. i swear i will never loose weight.
    (sorry its been a rough day).

  2. Wow you look amazing, and to be honest I really do need to sit down with you and get your opinion. I could really use some help with workouts, and eating better... Dave has high blood pressure and anxiety (its given us a few scares) and I know if I start eating better and working out that he will too. Please let me know if you have any time I can snag you, I'd love to meet your twins.

  3. Could you post your healthy recipes along with all your motivation stuff? please!

  4. All right so i may not be a mother yet but my husband and I are trying. but I love reading this blog it makes me so EXCITED for when im pregnat and a mother. i just hope it happens soon. but thank you for all this good information!

  5. I stumbled across your blog, hope you don't mind me reading. Hope you don't think I am a total creeper but I am excited to continue reading. I recently had a baby too and I am working towards a fitter me. :) You look amazing, especially with twins. Keep up the good work...and the good posts.

  6. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Candice, you look freaking amazing is all I can say. I don't think I've read this blog yet...but I love your advice! You are so motivating and make it sound so easy...I NEED to plan to come to your class every saturday. Cross your fingers, and I will be crossing mine, that I keep my word! Ha ha. Love you!

  7. You look awesome! i just don't know how you eat what you do (based on other posts) adn still produce enough milk for two. Would love to know how many calories you consume a day while b/f.

  8. WOW I just stumbled upon your blog and you look AMAZING at 6 weeks pp after having twins! 8 months post baby im not sure i can even take a pic without a shirt on! you are my inspiration, keep it coming! love your blog.

  9. Just found your blog and i'm following! I'm only 20 and me and my bf don't want babies for a few years yet but you've inspired me that you can still be the person you want to be after a baby and you look amazing!! well done, love the blog :) xx